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"avarice" -> "avarice 2"

avarice 3  by dogdeity11



  Ray sat on the floor of Anthony’s bedroom with her head in her hands. How had it all gone so wrong? Poor Anthony. He deserved better. He deserved…

“You gonna **** help me look or not.” Dennis roared as he emptied out Anthony’s dresser drawers and kicked through the contents.

“Did you have to **** kill him Dennis? What are we gonna do now?”

“I’m gonna find that god damn ticket princess and I’m gonna get the hell away from here as fast as I can. That’s what I’m gonna do now.”

“What do you mean ‘I’?”

Dennis threw a picture against the wall and it shattered. “What…do you think I should take you with me? For **** sake woman…you basically just told me that you didn’t love me and you would rather be with that **** dead pile of **** out there.”

Ray stood up on wobbly legs. Her face was swollen and she felt nauseous. Dennis had really let her have it.

“I was only saying what I thought he wanted to hear. I was trying to get the info out…”

Before she could finish Dennis was on her again, her own butterfly knife sticking under her chin. Where had he gotten that?

Dennis saw the surprise in her eyes. “Yea, that’s right you little bitch. I found your knife. You can’t hide anything from me. What you plannin’ on doing, huh? Jamming this into my **** heart while I was asleep?”

Ray shrank back against the wall, suddenly very afraid for her life. Dennis had beaten the **** out of her plenty of times, but he had never come close to killing her. She never thought he had it in him. But she had seen him in action now. She knew what he was capable of. It was time to turn on her best charm. Time to turn in the best performance of her life or she was certain that once he found that ticket, he was going to kill her.

“Dennis, baby…please. You know me. You’ve known me practically your whole life. You can trust me. I mean, if I was gonna do something stupid do you think I woulda told you about the ticket in the first place?”

This struck a chord with Dennis. She had a point. Why would she go through all this trouble? If she had really loved Anthony and not him then she could have easily just ran away with him in the middle of the night. They could have disappeared to some island and never been found. No, she was right. She had proven that she wanted to be with him.

Dennis softened and lowered the knife. He would forgive but not forget. Besides, he needed the help. 

“Yea…yea okay. But you listen to me and you listen good.” He jammed his finger into her throat. “If you ever **** **** around on me again I will…” He motioned over his shoulder toward the dining room with his thumb.

Ray got the message. Still terrified but under control she managed a smile. He bought it and turned around to continue his search.

“Check around the computer table. That’s the last place I saw it.” Ray offered sweetly as her mind burned with images of Dennis with a bashed in skull.   

Dennis looked over at her and nodded his head. “Now we are getting somewhere.”

He set the knife down on the edge of the table and began pushing around through the debris there. Papers and pop cans and pens and speakers and candles. He rummaged through everything and pushed it all on the floor. No sign of the ticket.                 

Frustrated he turned his attention to the bed. He got down on his knees and peered under it. Nothing. He lifted the top half of the mattress and felt between them. Nothing. He was turning on his knees in order to lift the lower half of the mattress when a blur flashed past his vision and he felt a bolt of lightning strike him in the chest. Stunned, he dropped backward onto his ****. His mouth open wide, Dennis stared down at the butterfly knife sticking out of his shirt. 

The look on Ray’s face was triumphant fury. She bent her leg at the knee and forcefully kicked out her foot into the blade, burying it to the hilt.

Dennis gave a gruff cough as he fell backwards with a thud. A wad of stringy and bloody mucus slid out of his mouth and down his chin. He reached out for her, his dirty fingers grasping nothing but air.  

Ray stood staring down at him, watching him die. When little bubbles stopped forming at the entrance wound in his chest she assumed it was done. She turned to continue the search for the ticket on her own when she stepped on a round candle. Her foot rolled out from under her and she hit the ground hard, smacking her head on the wall and knocking herself unconscious.             

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Date published: Jan. 21, 2010
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