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Southern Gothic: Romance Chapter Three  by dkk4510

She slowly, painfully raised her eye lids and peered through her lashes.  So I wasn't dreaming, she thought as her gaze fell upon her savior mystery man, Andrew.

"Oh, you're awake!  How ya feelin', any pain, lightheadness, or quesy feelin'?" he sternly asked while leaning over her.

"Gettin' a headache if I have to answer all those questions, doc." she dully replied while trying to sit up on the stuffy, dust filled couch that he appartently carried her to.

"Well, Leigh, I guess I should be going now if you're feelin' okay and aren't gonna faint on me again." he smiled.  "Do you have a history of fainting?" he wondered out loud as he placed as strong callaused hand on her forehead.

She felt a seering heat spread from his hand, through her head and face and travel throughout her body.  "I...uh....what are ya doing?"

"Just cheking for a temp, ya never know girl." he jerked his hand away, seeming to realize the closeness between them.

"Oh.  Well, actualy I've never fainted before in my life until you came joggin' around, doc." she shyly laughed.

 He rested back on his feet and folded his arms across his chest before he spoke again.  "No history, interesting.  Not an unfamiliar enviroment......no new medications?"

"Listen Andrew.  The only medications I'm going to have to take now is some Tylenol.  Please leave it alone.  I'm sure it's just some faze or something.  It's your day off remember?" she smiled as she rose from the couch.

He smiled back up at her and shook his head, "There's never a day off for us doctors or teachers!"


 Leigh went straight to her old bedroom, still smiling at the memory of Andrew, after he left for the night with a promise to bring over some breakfast.  He had said he didn't want her working in dust and not eating a healthy meal in her condition.

After several hours of tossing and turning she finally drifted off to sleep in a heap of twisted sheets.  She dreamed in bits and pieces, never really delving to much into anything, until her last dream floated into her mind.

She was back up in the attic, with Andrew beside her, as she lifted the shinny lock open on the curious trunk.  This time the buzzing noise that she had heard from before came from Andrew.  In her dream she never got the chance to turn to him and ask him what was going on, when a tangle of white linen flew from the deep space within the trunk and wove itself through and all around her body. 

Before she could comprehend what was happening to her, Andrew suddenly lurched forwards and dove head first into the trunk.

Leigh woke up in a screaming fit just before dawn's light came pouring into her dust smeared window.  She fought in a dazed panic for several mintues before finally untangling herself from her worn sheets.

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  'Southern Gothic: Romance Chapter Three' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: March 3, 2009
Date published: March 3, 2009
Comments: 12
Tags: heat, mystery, nightmares
Word Count: 619
Times Read: 3205
Story Length: 3
Children Rank: 2.2/5.0 (10 votes)
Descendant Rank: 0.0/5.0 (36 votes)