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holy shitzu!  by demeonte
holy shitzu!

we tried breed a bulldog and a shitzu together...we came out with a bullshitz.

laugh out loud
to the crowd
forgiving the fool
that was standing on top of the roof
trying to see if he could fly
living out hiso nly mind in the days
where we could say
holy shitzu
what did he do
is it right
does it seem

look at him fall to the ground
and watch him spread his wings
and watch him fly
towards the sky
such a heavenly sight

I wonder now
I came to be
I have a manager
so it seems
I’m awake
I’m so far ahead
of the game
I’m so tame
I’ve tried the lions gate

holy shitzu
thats a dog
a dyslexsic
way of wsaying god
holy shitzu
we worship you
we give you everything
and you give us **** too

I’m here all around
no matter what the sound is doing
watch the man
fall to the ground
spread his wings
at the speed of sound
and astound everyone in the crowd
as he he soars overhead
living out his life instead

holy shitzu
what did we do
to deserve this heavenly creature too
holy shitzu
I got lost
in the forest of fears and doubts
lost all my nerve and screamed and shouted

help me
oh holy shitzu
life not worth living without you
holy shitzu
where did that come from
from the sky
from his holy song
from his holy song....
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Date created: May 5, 2009
Date published: May 5, 2009
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