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Naughty in Daddy's Room  by daddyslittlegirl613

You come home from school after a long day. Maggie was being her usual bitchy self. The back door is locked so that means no one is home. You walk inside and go straight for your favorite napping place.... daddys room. You lay on the bed and turn on the tv. A big grin grows across your face daddy was watching a dirty movie. He had been doing that a lot since mommy left.

You unzip and unbutton your pants and take them off. "Is this what mommys and daddys do all the time?" You think to yourself. You start rubbing your legs and a tingly sensation washes over your body. You can feel yourself turning red.

I am watching you through the door way and rubbing my throbbing cock as it grows. Just as you get ready to go under the panties...

I burst through the door. "What are you doing!" I scream. You scream too, throwing a blanket over your lap. "Nothing ddddadddy." You whimper out. You give me that innocent look trying to melt my heart, but Im stern faced.

"Tell me the truth little girl" I shout. "I was just touching... those people are doing it." I look back. "They are big people" I exclaim "Good little girls don't do that without daddys help!" You start to get tears in your eyes.

"I have to punish you for being a naughty little whore" I say. "Nooooo daddy please! I wont do it ever again." You cry out. I dont believe you. If I didnt come home early you might have hurt yourself.

I rip the blanket away. "No daddy please. Im sorry." I lay you back and tell you "After this you will be very sorry. I need to teach you not to hurt yourself." I pull down your panties exposing your little mound. I rub your legs as my fingers search for your little clit. "There we are." That sensation stronger now that daddy is taking care of things. You try to say no but its too much.

I rub and pinch and rub. Your practically standing on your head when...

I slip my fingers deep in your slit. "OW" you scream. "STOP" I look at you stern and say "If I stop now this will only be worse." Moaning and groaning you get reder with each thrust of my arm. "Im going to explode" you scream. And I stop.

I sit you up and pull down my pants to expose my throbbing cock that has been hard since watching you in the doorway. "THATS HUGE" you exclaim "What are you going to do with that?" I dont wait to answer I shove it in your open mouth. You begin to choke. I can feel it toughing the back of your throat. I thrust harder and deep with ounce of my body. Spit and tears begin to roll off your face.

"You like it when daddy **** the back of your throat dont you?" All you can get out is mhm. I stop but only long enough to flip you onto your stomache. Just as fast I am deep in your tiny ****. "Daddy no stop it hurts. I will be a good girl." "If I stop now Daddy will hurt and you wont have completed your lesson!" "Yes daddy I will finish what I started." I go deeper and harder and you scream in pleasure... "I feel like Im going to explode again." And yet again I stop. Im close too.

I turn you over ripping off your tank top exposing your beautiful flat chest. I rub my cock on your clit. "Daddy please dont. I cant take anymore." "You can and you will." I start to penatrate. It hurts so bad you start to cry, but it feels so good too.

I shove my cock deep in side wrapping your legs around my hips. We begin to move in a fluid motion, bodies meeting hard with each contact. "Im going to explode daddy!" "Me too pumpkin!" "Cum princess!" "Cum daddy!" We both climax at the same time.

"Did you learn your lesson?" "Yes daddy" "Good! Now lets go take a bath and clean ourselves up and then we can take that nap!

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Date created: Sept. 27, 2011
Date published: Sept. 27, 2011
Comments: 1
Tags: ageplay
Word Count: 743
Times Read: 84438
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