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In the Shroud of Shadow part 5  by cabustanoby

Ander strove to move along the path. 

"Clever in guise and guile?" He mused.

His spine shivered as he thought of something unseen and ghastly.  He knew better than to let his mind wander. 


The Unspoken followed the pathetic man from a distance. 

Violence and lust coursed through its form.  Lust not of the physical and sexual, but lust for domination.  The spirit could not experience the ecstasy of physical intimacy, though it could appear to be whatever was pleasing to the eye.  Its repertoire of talents included mimicry to the minutest of detail.

Seething with hatred for the putrid man on his quest, Unspoken trailed him, resisting the urge to taunt.  Drawing dangerously close to the protective shroud, the dark spirit thrilled for the opportunity to pierce and strike fear in Anders.

So many times unsuspecting spirits had tried to break through the Shroud of Shadow, only to be desperately broken and stripped of power.  The Shroud seemed to absorb the energy and power of the dark spirit folk.       

The Unspoken was feared among its kind.  Many had approached trying to assert control by uttering the Name, only to find out they were out of their league in magnitude of cunning and stalking.  Destroying and absorbing spiritual power was almost as delicious as the waylaying of mortals. 

"Indeed, I am Unspoken.  None of them dare to utter my fearful Name.  I am Unspeakable."

The spirit knew its best game.  The silvery moon man was not ready yet.  His destruction was sure, but this one was special.  He must mature more in his knowledge of things to fully understand the power of the Unspoken, and to succumb willingly in desperate submission. 

"This one must give himself to me willingly.  Then he will see his own death unfold while it is too late."

"Delicious, indeed." lisped the Unspoken, glancing at the cowering entities along the path. 

They knew this was not fair game for just anyone.  Anders had been watched for decades.  His stature in his realm quite marvelous.  His feats were renowned.  This was not his realm.  His pride would be what the mortals would compare to a chocolate truffel at the middle of a tasty treat. 

Anders would soon experience true power. 



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Date created: Feb. 23, 2008
Date published: Feb. 23, 2008
Comments: 2
Word Count: 528
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