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Rains of Oblivion  by buellersway
He’d never seen anything like it.  As he stood by the window quietly, it cascaded over his house like the wrath of God coming to wash away the sins of mankind for a second time.  It was difficult to see out of the glass at the destruction before him but one trip outside was enough.  Everything was overturned and sunk into the mud including his tool shed which was up to the doors.  It was like walking into the middle of a movie where the world had collapsed from under him.  James had managed to make it to the cliff over looking the mainland and boat landings with two wide boards strapped to his feet.  Even with them he had nearly got stuck in the mud permanently as he sunk deeper and fell sideways into it.  After forty-five grueling minutes, his fears were confirmed.  The landings were underwater.  Far underwater.  The level had risen at least thirty feet and the mainland was flooded as far as he could see.  There was no boat, there was no news and the cable lines were knocked out.  The radio was picking up only static and its ominous hiss sent pins and needles down his spine.
After all this time, his book was finished.  Years in the making behind closed doors, locked in his office tucked away comfortably in his leather wrapped study.  He had published before, but this was the masterpiece.  When inspired it was easy to seclude himself for months, live off can goods and write thousands of pages.  It consumed all thought and reason until whatever he was writing was finished. He had holed up before but never for this long.  There had never been a problem before but this…….was a problem.  Sitting in his grandfather’s chair where the old man had contemplated the questions of his day, James brooded wearily.  What the hell was he supposed to do build an Ark?  This was ridiculous!!!!   How could there be no communication, no people, no anything?  Moving here had seemed like a dream come true.  After a lifetime of distraction in big cities and a rash of jobs in cubicle farms his escape to living on a private island in a massive Victorian with history and character seemed like just what he was looking for.  The problem was that his seclusion in recent years had been getting a bit out of hand.  It wasn’t that he didn’t like people it was just that he had trouble connecting.  Although the publication of his first book had made him rich, he didn’t care.  As long as it allowed him to continue to write on his own terms then he could be happy.  Seclusion was easy after his Mary died.  She had been the outgoing one, the sparkling personality everyone wanted to be around.  Her friends were his and together they had a good life.  Instead of climbing under a rock, he now lived on top of one apart from the world.  As he surveyed the soggy wasteland he yearned for human contact.  This happened occasionally but now more so than ever.  Again James put on his thick rubber boots and rain gear.  Looking like a fisherman ready to empty a catch of tuna from his nets, he blundered outside laying plywood down as he went and carelessly hopping from one to another.  Flare gun in hand and mind reeling, his heart thudded in his chest as he clamored to the ridge.  Nearly losing his balance as his most recently placed piece listed to the side the pouring rain filled his ears.  
As he spun around and regained his poise on the board something caught his eye that made his heart sink.  Up on his roof were thousands of birds.  The flare gun in his hand weighed a thousand pounds.  There would be no one to see it.  Birds need land to live and they wouldn’t all be on a roof with no food if there was somewhere else to go.  It was time to go back into the house and give this some thought.  All those poor people.
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  'Rains of Oblivion' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: Dec. 11, 2008
Date published: Dec. 11, 2008
Comments: 3
Tags: ark, devastation, environment, flood, nature, plague, rain, wrath
Word Count: 803
Times Read: 903
Story Length: 1