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The Bad Boyfriend  by brittanyleigh

     It was winter of December 13, 2000 school was almost out for christmas break. There was a girl named Julie she was 17 and a boy named Max he was 20. Julie was going to be 18 in two weeks her parents did not like her boyfriend because he liked to party and he always in jail they wanted better for there daughter.                                 Julie and Max was dating for six months with out her parents knowing. two weeks about she was waking up throwing up and gaining weight, eating alot Julie told Max and he told her to go to the doctor. The doctor said can you come in today at 2:30? Julie said yeah she texted Max to let him know also so he could go with her.

       They got to the doctors office the nurse called Julie to the back room and Max stayed in the waiting room Julie was in the back room for 20 minutes they gave her a pregnantce test the nurse told Julie to go wait in the waiting room with Max.

       The nurse came out 10 minutes later walked up to Julie and Max and told them they was going to be parents Julie was happy but Max did not seem happy at all Max tryed to get Julie to give the baby up Julie would not do it.

       Julie was wondering what he parents would do and say about this so she is going to wait until shes 18 to tell him. Julie asked the doctor how far along am i? The doctor said a month. Max told Julie i will be there for you and the baby. 

          Max did not talk to Julie as much anymore or hardly wanted to see her, Julie can not do this on her own so she had no chose but to tell her parents she went home both of her parents where there she started crying she knew it was going to break there hearts, the doctor already called her parents but they was waiting to see if she would tell him she went to the living room and sat  down in a chair and told them that she was pregnant.

          Her mother started crying her father was who the father was Julie said Max her parents was mad about who  the father was they asked how far along are you? Julie said 1 or 2 months. Julie mother said i will be here for you Julie told her parents that Max  stopped talking to her and hardly wanted to see her sence she found out she was pregnant Max wanted me to give up the baby and i told him no.

            Julie mom said i am proud of you for teling us i knew it would be hard Julie's father was not to happy about it at all.

             Months has passed no word from Max Julie had a doctor appointment june 14 2001 to find out when she is due and the sex of the baby Julies mom went with her Julie tryed to call Max but he did not pick up the phone.

               They got to the doctor they did a ultrasound, also heard the babys heart beat, Julie told her mom that she wished Max could have been there her mother did not say a word the doctor said your having a little girl Julies mom smiled and said our first grandbaby, the baby is due September 24 2001.

                 later that night Julie sent a picture of the ultrasound and at the bottom of the picture it said ITS A GIRL. No text back until 6:30am from a number she did not even know saying who the hell are you? Julie said who are you? the nmber said Crystal then said who are you and why are you talkin to my man? Julie said my name is Julie and who's your man? Crystal said his mane is Max Julie said becuase was are dating and i am having his baby! Crystal said Max told me that you are a cheater and that baby is not his and your a slut, Julie started crying and called for her parents her mother read the text messages and was pissed and so was her father.

             Julie said ok whatever we will get a D.N.A test done to prove it, Max did not show up for it. Julie text Max and said way to be a good man your just worthless, i want you to sign over the rights to our baby. Max texted back and said good  i did not want to be with you or that damn mistake baby anyways.

                   Julie said god you no good anyways. Later that nigh Julie's water broke but it was only September 10 2001. Julie called her parents becuase she did not know what was  going on they took her to the hospital becuase she was in labor she was in labor for 10 hours before she was holding her beautiful baby girl.

                  Julie and her baby lived a good life because she did not have Max in there life and her parents helped her with the baby and with schoo. Max was never to be seen or heard from again....

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Date created: Dec. 13, 2011
Date published: Dec. 13, 2011
Comments: 2
Tags: drama
Word Count: 1020
Times Read: 254
Story Length: 1