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"Giant Rock"

HealthCare Reform  by awesomeaumma

Suddenly the eloquent doors were opened at the first glimpse of the awaiting crowd. With expectations of the elite of society, the staff prepared themselves for the grand finale of a lifetime.

Mr. Chanook steps forward to greet the roaring crowd. The expectations quickly disappear looking into the faces of the mass field of elderly participants. The questions raced through his mind wondering how so many had arrived. There were numerous individuals in wheelchairs, while others were pulling IV poles. As he gazed reluctantly across the sea of people, he sought for mental resolve to continue his speech.

In his closing statement the sea of frail bodies began to move toward the door. One by one making thier way inside the dome of  hope. Once inside the demonstration began.

Miss. Johnson was the presentator, she choking back the laughter she points to the first step. With a full demonstration of the devise a volunteer was requested. In the midst of the crowd a small frail boned being appeared. Her hair was white as snow draping her thin structured face. "I will do it" she shouted! Stepping forward placing her vein riddled palm in the device. After three minutes she removed her hand. Suddenly it happened!

The frail weak individual began to smile. The laughter of strength poured from her vocal cords as a symphony perfectly orchestrated echoed throughout the facility.

The anxious crowd shouted with excitement begging to be next. Each individual took thier three minute turn with the same response. The staff was consumed with the overwealming outcome of thier experiment.

Mr. Chanook was in awe as he watched these frail individuals leaping and shouting. He contemplated within his mind how to calm the situation. It was an explosive discovery in the moment of delight, he must gain composure.

As each made thier way through the facility, it only became worse. These little people who were sick in mind and body had now received hope! His thoughts of explanation to the media seemed out of reach. The out of control situation was growing. He realized something must be done. Stumbleing for words not to discourage, a gentleman regained the attention of the crowd in agreement. Apparently Mr. Chanook had been misunderstood. An assumption was made allowing everyone to stay as long as they desired. Again the crowd was estatic! With a short smile he nodded to the crowd instructing the staff to accomendate thier needs. As he gazed around the facility he discovered many empty wheelchairs and walking devises. There were IV poles abandoned. Fear overtook his victory as he considered the liability at hand. Although the frail individuals had arrived by wheelchairs and walking devices now are rejuvinated by hope. Was this a true scinetific discovery or merely an opportunity of existence? Could this simply be an opportunity of hope for those who refused to give in to the limited resources of this world? Is it possible to regain hope and strength by opportunity of encouragement?

As he continues to recount the experience of the day looking into the faces of extreme joy and happiness, the libility became clear. We must continue our research investing into the untapped resources within and beyond.  

Today has truely been a grand opening as he motions for his staff to make accomendations for thier guests. Yes, I do believe we have discovered alien life does exist as a genuine smile glistens from his face. 



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Date created: July 31, 2009
Date published: July 31, 2009
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Tags: happiness, hope, scinetific-discoveries, strength
Word Count: 758
Times Read: 620
Story Length: 1