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"The Unknown" -> "The Unknown 2: Shadows"

Unknown 3 Down Under  by armshadow6

His eyes beamed into mine for a few moments and then darted across the street and gave a gentle nod to the children. I didnt look back because i was not sure if one of them one holding me at gun point building the nerves to accually fire it. I heard nothing for a few moments but was followed by the silent footsteps and the wind. The footsteps got louder and I was sure they were approching me. The rusty shadows formed a circle around me and the mayor is if we were about to fight. The lights flickered a few more times, as if it was a clock ticking to my doom. I wasn't sure what to be affraid of now that i think of it. All that surrounded me now was tired alarmed children and a mayor that looks as if he was sculpted out of clay by a four year old. The mayor did nothing for a few seconds and then took a deep breth.

"I am sorry that it has to come to this. We all love you as if you were our own mothers, Mrs. B, but im affraid it has gone to far. I have brought your students here tonight because i knew they would be the best reliable source."

"What do you mean?" I asked in the nicest and most inecent voice i could make.

He chuckled fakely then concentrated on lucy. "Why dont you explain my dear," He said coldly.

She hesitated for a moment then let out a sigh, "Mayor lockley...and us, know your from the FBI. And we cant le you ruine our city's hard work." A patite smile crosed he faced. "You see Mrs. B, we arent spys. At least not all of us." She unfolded her arms and reached into he oversized handbag and pulled out a manila folder. I cant take credict for this though." He eyes danced around the children looking for someone and then stoped at Jake and then smiled.

I focused on Jake and the words slipped out of my mouth "Jake!" His small eyes found mine then looked at Lucy. Lucy smiled then gave a thumbs up at Jake. Jake stood frozen in place then his head fell back down to stare at the ground.

"Yes, Jake is the one who seized proof of it all when you greeted him into your house not long ago. But big mouth had to let to much slip. Forcing us to capture you before you could escape. But have some symphothy for him, he didn't want to take part in any of this, he likes you allot. Thats why he would be the perfect suspect. For his mom and dad, we forced them to tell you a lie to force you not to leave. But it didnt work did it. The rest of us though give a big part in this community including our family. And it would all be over if anything got out about our, secret. So yes its come to this holding you, and Jakes parents in hostage. Im sure you'll be able to meet them soon, right Mayor Lockey?"

Mayor Lockley smirked at Jake who gulped so loud you could hear it from China. "Yes of course, Lucy. And nicely done. You have a bright future in our town we have here."

Mayor lockey focosed on the nearing headlights. I was relived, it was the bus. I'm sure i could break free and make a run for it.

"Ahh, its about time," Mayor Lockley said in releif. "We were sure you would have ttried to escape by now. It seems like an agent like yourself would know what to do it a time like this. But, its to late now. Again im very sorry, we all are but you leave us no choice."

The car emerged out of the darkness but was not a bus, but a stretch limo. I was baffled. large muscular men dressed in black suites spilled out of the limo assiting everyone in except me, mayor Lockley, and Jake. I heard greeting like, "Hey, so how did it go," and "Thank god your O.K., your way to young for this kind of stuff." Two more guys clutced my arms and draged me to an approching car. They shoved me iand Jake at the same time and shut the door behind us. The Doors locked emediently. My eyes finally edjusted to the darkness. It smelled strongly of leather and sweat. I finally caught Jake, his mom and dad sitting close to eachother saying nothing but apprecheating their last moments with eachother. Mayor Lockely Sat in the passenger seat and A tall, beatle haircut looking guy in the driver's seat.

The next few minutes were silent and then I could hear them talking to quiet for me to hear. I leaned in hoping to get what was coming next in this crazy event. I gave up because they weren't going to get any louder so i focused on the back seat were Jake and his family were whispering.

"Psssst!" I hissed loud enough for them to hear me but not Mayor Lockley and his 'Assistent'. Their eyes focused on mine and waited for me to speak. "Where are we going?"

Jake's dad answered imediently, "We dont know, Im sorry."

I turned around after a few seconds hopeing they had any information to tell me.

Outside the windows were frequent street lights. They dissapeared soon creating incredible darkness. We soon stopped and my heart sped up, it knew something bad was about to happen. Instead my hart dropped like when your on a rollercoaster going down a steep hill. Lights outside my window appered again. but instead the lights floated up and up and then I knew... We were underground.

"Wellcome,to the down under," Mayor Lockleysaid darkly.

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Date created: Nov. 28, 2008
Date published: Nov. 28, 2008
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Tags: expense, mystery, social-commentary
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