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"Harvest" -> "Harvest, Chapter 2"

Deus ex Machina  by arataxia

Maybel stretched on her toes to reach for the draino behind bottles of white wine vinegar and bleech.  Her fingers stretched taut and white as she fumbled to get the vinegar and bleech bottles out of the way.  With a thud, the bleech fell on its side and rolled toward her.  Maybel took a step back and eluded the cascading bottle as it crashed towards the floor.

Resuming her position, Maybel again stretched out her squat body; her socks fell down around her ankles, and her shirt began to ride up, exposing her mid-section.  She put her head down so that it lay plush with her neck and back, letting her fingers continue to fumble around in an attempt to reach the draino.

*                                *                               *

The creature was a mass of wet hair and smelled like putrid flesh.  It rapaciously attacked the rotting cur, sharpening it's fang-like teeth on the bone.  Its yellow eyes darted around, searching for a way out.  It unfurled it's bony fingers with long, talon-like finger nails and began to tap them against the damp stone.  It screamed again, hoping that some one would hear.  But, as usual, only silence returned instead of hope.  The diameter of the well was too far apart for the creature to work its way up with its back against the wall, and so it had started to dig a tunnel many years ago; and so now, with no other hope, the creature returned to its project and began to scratch its way out, inch by inch.

The creature had no clue as to how far the tunnel actually went, only that it wound around and up.  It felt like miles, but distance, like time is relative in absolute darkness.  As it continued to scratch out the tunnel, it sensed a change in the dirt.  What seemed like years had passed since it had felt the dampness of the earth when it first broke through the wall.  And now, the earth smelled fresh and earth worms filled the dirt being clawed away.

The creature dug at a furious pace, feeling freedom for the first time in a generation.  It began to breathe with mouth agape, saliva frothing around its lips as its arms maniacally churned at the earth when it gave way.  The fresh, warm night air coursed through its lungs and the creature smelled freedom for the first time in 20 years.  The exertion of the dig and the euphoria of freedom overwhelmed the creature and hunger set in, despite the feast an hour ago; the smell of a decaying squirrel near a deer trail close by filled its nostrils and the creature flashed a yellow grin. 

*                          *                              *

Maybel finally climbed upon the dryer just below the pantry and was able to get the draino off of the shelf.  She emptied the entire bottle into a bucket and went out back to get a dead animal to dump into the bucket to let the draino soak in.  Her hope was that the draino would infuse itself into the dead animal and kill the creature...she wasn't a scientist.

Maybel remembered a dead squirrel by a deer path just to the West and started to walk over.  As she approached she heard a rustle to her right, and she quickly looked over and saw yellow eyes staring back at her.

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Date created: July 29, 2008
Date published: July 29, 2008
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Word Count: 781
Times Read: 565
Story Length: 1