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Requiem of a Burger  by aptriplett

Burgers...I love burgers. I like to go into restuarants and just gaze up at the menu, mouth agape, drool flowing, tongue levitating. I imagine that I am seated at a table, a white tablecloth, candles lit, scented flowers, silk napkins. Music plays in the back, its Meatloaf, the soundwaves seems to slide along the crystal champegne glasses.

A door opens, a man enters, the door shuts without a sound. He is dressed in a fine grey suit, his face one of confidant demure, silent and all-knowing. And capable, capable of carrying the fine pewter tray he holds over to the table. He supports my estimation of him, and within seconds arrives at my side. Lowering the tray, he looks into my ears and says, "Sir, your burgers have arrived."

I look from him to his tray; there they sit, my breath is caught away. The buns are fresh, the meat is still hot, the condiments are liquid expression of bliss. I stare at them, unable to articulate. 

A noise, a light from the door. Then a new object in my perephiral grows in size, and brings with it an assortment of colors. It speaks, she speaks..."Dear, you musn't just look at the burgers. They are for you to eat. Take them now and taste, please before it is too late." My eyes never leave the burgers, I can only sense that she has a intreast in this because of the motioning of her hands, the intent in her voice, the directness of her urgings.

The moment is definite, seperate from all else, a sliver of time and space caught off by itself. My heart beats, but with each pulsating moment it heralds my approach. I have arrived at the center, the reason, the article of truth. It is me and the burgers.

A intent is signalled, a command issued,a movement innitiated. I tenderly place my hand over the tray, turning my hand upward. Lovingly I caress the seseame seeds, the coolness of the whole wheat with my fingers, pulling my hand to rest under my nose, the slightest of scent flowing upward and then down into my very core. I shudder, and moan...my burgers have enthralled my senses. Again positioning my hand over them, I prepare myself. It is time.

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  'Requiem of a Burger' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: May 21, 2008
Date published: May 21, 2008
Comments: 3
Word Count: 439
Times Read: 370
Story Length: 2
Children Rank: 3.1/5.0 (1 votes)