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the brain wont believe what the heart dis-allowes it to.  by amber234


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A tiny eager blossom, eager to be born.

I saw you on a spring day, I tried my hardest to forborne.

But the blossom inevitably opens,

The equivalence of  dawn.

The light shine in, it kissed my face,

I loved its beauty, drank in its grace.

But nothing lasts forever, not even golden rays.

Darkness came to take me, the light it did not stay.


I feared that I may I loose myself, the dark consume me whole.

I feared that I may loose myself, just to watch you go.


That tiny little blossom,  seemingly never gloom.

Hides behind its brilliance, the glory it is in bloom.

Once so eager had it been, now uncertain of its place.

Forgetting what its purpose was, delicate like lace.

Its thoughts revert to simpler times, when not every thing was pain.

For it I find I’m saddened, for I too feel its refrain.

In what path nature have this flower partake?

None of such, for it knows it was a mistake.


The chill, it came and swept me, I could not shy away.

The chill, it came and swept me on that cold October day.


Soon the flower wilts, exit its pedals each one.

I thought that it could stay for me, it had already been gone.

The cold came swiftly and chilled what was left, chilled it to its core.

where were its rays of golden, the sun that it adore.

Its remains lay there, wait to be cleansed, washed back  in to the earth.

It will always long for what it thought it had, maybe find it in rebirth.


 The sad sky, watched the rain fall. Helpless in the air.

The sad sky, watched the rain fall. It wished it didn’t care.

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  'the brain wont believe what the heart dis-allowes it to.' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: Sept. 20, 2009
Date published: Sept. 20, 2009
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Tags: cheat, heart, lie, love, pain, poetry
Word Count: 1026
Times Read: 394
Story Length: 1