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Story of a girl  by ahmedburi

Girl in Almrahlpalhamaip - Faculty of Arts - Department of Psychology and her three sisters, of whom are studying at the secondary and Alochritan in the intermediate stage. The father works in the grocery store and strive to provide them a living. And this girl was diligent in her studies, are known for good character and all her colleagues literature Jem Ihbpinha and want to get close to the edge of the distinctive
She said: One day out of the gate of the university, and I am a young man in front of me Mhendmp body, and was considered to know me and like, not give him any attention, he walked behind me as he spoke softly and childish words such as: Hey beautiful ... I want to marry you .. I Oracbk has long been known and morals Otbek. I walked my feet stumble speeding .. The sweating forehead sweat, I did not touch on this position never before. And went to the house exhausted confused thinking in this thread did not sleep that night of fear and panic and anxiety and in the next day and when I left university, I found waiting in front of the door and Hoebtzm, and repeated Amaaksath me back and walk every day, and ended this small letter delivered to me at the door of the house and hesitated to pick But I took my hands shaking, was opened and read and if the words are filled with love and infatuation and apologize for his behavior from harassment to me. Shredded paper and threw it and a few hours later the phone rang Verwath If the same young man still haunts me beautiful words and tell me I read the message or not?
I said to him: if Taatodb told my family and woe to you .. After hours contact again and taken to warm up to that his purpose is honest and that he wanted to settle and get married and that I will build a rich and Qsrawihakq me all my hopes and that it was not a single member of his family left one is still alive and .. And .. Teams and .. my heart to him and began to talk to him and go on to speak with him and began waiting for the phone all the time. And I look forward to him after I left college to see him but to no avail and went out one day, my kidney and if its in front of me .. Aftrt joy, and began to go out with him in his car, walking around the city, I feel that I have him helpless and unable to think like on of my body told
I believe him as saying, especially when you say to me you'll be only my wife and we will live under one roof and fly him happiness and contentment .. I believe him when he tells me you scriber Really and whenever I heard these words fly in the imagination has no boundaries in one day and what a day was a black day ... Destroyed my life and spent my future Vdhani before the creatures, as usual, went out with him if he brings me to a furnished apartment, entered and sat down together and forgot Hadith of the Messenger of God peace be upon him: "No man is alone with a woman but the third was the devil" by al-Tirmidhi
But Satan colonized my heart and my heart is filled with words of this young man sat down and look at him and then looked at Gshtna Gachet from the torment of hell .. I did not know but I am prey to this young man and lost the dearest thing I have .. Kalmjnonp what you did for me? - Do not be afraid you're my wife. - How can I be your wife and you did not hold on. - I will hold you soon. I went to my house staggered and not strong enough legs to get me and caught fire in my body .. Oh my God, what I Ojnnt .. Why Dhanni, and darkened world in the eye and I started crying and crying very bitterly left the study, and an evil to the current maximum, and no one has succeeded in my family to know but it's in, but is related to the hope I had a promise to marry me, and passed the days drag each other and was heavier than what the mountains reduced after this? Was a surprise that destroyed my life .. The phone rang and if his voice comes from afar and tell me .. I want to meet you for something important .. Thllt and I looked and I thought that the important thing is the arrangement of Omralsba .. I met him was grim look on his face signs of cruelty and if its Ibadrni saying above all do not think the marriage should never .. We want to live together Blakid ... Rose my hand without feeling and slapped him on the face until he had almost sparks fly from his eyes and I told him I thought you would serve your fault .. But your grandmother a man without values and morals and I got out of the car and speeding Onaobuge He told me, just please, was found in his hand a video compiled by his fingertips wanton said sharp tone .. Soahtmk this tape I said to him: What is inside the tape. He said: Helmi me to see what's inside will surprise you and I went with him to see the inside of the tape and I saw the full footage of what has been with us in no man's land. I said what I did, you coward ... Iakhsais .. said: "cameras" were kept hidden, we recorded every movement and sizzle, this tape will be a weapon in my hand to destroy you unless you are under my orders, and subject to stoplights and took scream and cry because the issue is not the issues, but an issue the whole family? But never said .. As a result, become caught with his hand from a man who brings me to the man and arrested the price .. and fell in the mud - and moved my life to prostitution - and my family does not know anything about my evil they trust me completely. .. and spread the tape and signed my cousin, however, exploded in the case and informed my parents and all my family and the scandal spread throughout our town , and tarnished our house of shame, she fled to protect myself and disappear from sight and I knew that my parents and sisters migrated to other countries and migrated with the scandal became hunted boards talking about this subject. I turn the tape from a young man to another. and lived among prostitutes immersed in vice, this rascal is my first router Kldermip nudged me in the hand and I can not mobility? The young man responsible for the destruction of several houses and the loss of the future of girls in the age of flowers. and determined to revenge .. and one day entered a very drunk I jumped at the opportunity and stabbed with a knife. killing of Satan in the form of inhuman and found people from evil and my destiny was to become behind bars Otgera bitterness of humiliation, deprivation, and felt sorry for my evil heinous and my life that nothing happened
The more I remembered the video camera that horse to haunt me everywhere. I wrote this story to be a lesson to every girl is dragged behind the shiny words or message of love and decorated ????? and Wanderer Beware phone my sister .. Ahdhirih. Placed in front of you and my sister, my life, which ended with one breaking me completely destroy my family, my father, who died grief, and was repeated before his death Hasbi Allah and the agent I'm angry, you have to the Day of Resurrection is the most difficult of the word

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Date created: Dec. 11, 2009
Date published: Dec. 11, 2009
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Tags: family, love, poverty, prostitution, university, work
Word Count: 3725
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