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"Matter of Fact- Chapter 1"

Matter of Fact- Chapter 2  by agefall_is_here
Chapter 2

Abby just sat there, her mouth slightly erect, but not gaping. She had seen this coming, hadn't she? All the times they had sat there in classes, him only looking into her eyes, and never at her body. The way he had always resented her boyfriends, and the way he was always there to back her up. Wasn't it just coincidence? She didn't know.
 "Abby?" he asked, his face turning red from embarrassment.
 "Wow. I... Didn't see that coming," she replied.
 "I'm... Sorry. That was kind of random."
 "It's OK, Kyle. I just... Didn't see this coming. I should have, though," she answered, not trying to make him sad, or hurt.
 "So... Are you glad I said it? Or.. Should I've left it... Unknown," he asked, embarrassed.
 "I'm glad you told me, Kyle. It was perfect timing. I just..." she trailed off.
 "What?" he asked. "Do you..."
 "Look, I just need time to settle the breakup in my head, myself. I'll talk to you about this some other time. Maybe in a week, if it's OK?" she asked questionably.
 "Oh, OK, Abby..." he started, staring at the ground.
 "Look, Kyle. I won't forget. It was just..." she started. She looked at the floor herself, as he looked back at her. "It was just a really sudden breakup. I need serious time for this one."
 She stepped closer to him, hugging him nicely. He hugged her back, but even Abby could tell he wished it was much more. 
 As they ended the hug, Sam walked back in. She carried a pile of mail, most of it magazines and ads. She simply sat it on the end table near the door, staring at Kyle and Abby, who were at that point just standing there looking at each other. They both simultaneously looked over at Sam, who at this point had moved over near the couch.
 "Okay! I'm gonna go make some tea. Anyone want any?" she dragged, ending the awkward silence. No one said anything. "Okay, then... Tea for one..."
 Abby and Kyle looked back at each other for a moment, before Abby cracked. She burst out in laughter, collapsing onto the couch behind her. He sat down beside her, also laughing, as a chain reaction. Sam was now walking into the kitchen, making her world famous sweet tea. Normally, Abby would've kindly accepted, but she was in the middle of a crisis. Eventually, her laughing subsided, along with Kyle's. There were several minutes of silence, before Kyle stirred from his spot.
 "I've got to be getting home. I've got to finish that paper for Trig," Kyle explained.
 "Ok, Kyle. Bye. Call me tomorrow," Abby dismissed. Kyle stood up and hugged Abby and quietly walked out of the door. He shut the door silently, Sam just walking over with the tea.
 "I made you some, just in case. It's on the bar," Sam told Abby. She nodded, staring out of the window near the balcony. Sam sighed, looking at Abby hopelessly.
 "So, what did you guys talk about?" she asked kindly.
 "Well, he told me something that... Well, I wouldn't have normally expected," Abby replied, not breaking her concentration.
 "Like what?" Sam questioned, her face strained with questions.
 "Well... He told me... He loves me." Sam gaped unbelievably.
 "No way!" she exclaimed, surprise in her voice. "What did you tell him?"
 "Well, I told him that I needed time to settle the breakup in my head before I could even reply to him," she explained to Sam.
 "Wow. Nice save," Sam complimented. Abby looked into Sam's eyes.
 "Sam. I wasn't trying to save myself. It's... It's the truth."
 At that point, Sam was once again gaping. She slightly shook her head, her eyes widened and huge. Her dark red hair was hanging curly down to her ribs. Her face tightened, her jaw changing to a minutely severe smile.
 "Oh my god, no way!" she exclaimed, a line delivered severely overdue. Abby sighed, sinking lower into the couch.
 "Sam?" she muttered to Sam.
 "Yeah?" Sam replied.
 "I need a little time to myself," Abby muttered.
 "Oh. Okay, Abbs. Call me later," Sam told Abby, standing up from the couch and walking over to the door. "Bye."

 6:15 p.m 
And, with that, Sam was gone. Abby was now left alone in the room, the silence overcoming. Abby slammed her face into a pillow on the couch, sobbing at this point.. Her sniffles had now turned into rivers of snot coming out from her nose, her hair slightly a mess now. She closed her eyes, her voice caught in the tears. She sat there, still and loud for what seemed like eternities. After she'd lied there for over an hour, she stiffly stood up. "He loves me. Lucas doesn't," she whispered to herself. She stood up, wobbly, from the couch, and over to her bedroom. Lying on the bed, she made a miserable attempt at falling asleep. As soon as she sat there, she stared at the picture on her night stand.
 It's me and Lucas at the Carnival, she thought, and broke down into tears. She slammed it onto the cool wooden floor, and grabbed the cell phone from her pocket. Dialing a number, she was still blubbering as it dialed.
 "Hello?" he answered. It was Kyle.
 "Kyle, I can't take it! I just can't!" she cried into the phone, loudly and pathetically. "I can't even sleep!" She was now screaming into the phone, her face red.
 She heard him drop something in the room. "God dammit... I'll be there in a few minutes, Abbs," he sighed, hanging up. The phone slipped from her fingers onto the bed, her face joining it. She sat there, still wailing with tears seeping down her face.

8 p.m
She silenced for half of a second as the door slammed open and shut. There were heavy footsteps, but as soon as Kyle walked through the door to her bedroom, she closed her eyes, weeping again. "Oh, Abby," he comforted, walking over to her side. She hugged him tightly, not caring what he thought or how much he loved her. She simply hugged until her crying seceded, which was not too quickly.
 "What happened, Abbs?" he asked her quietly.
 "I thought about everything," she replied.
 "It's okay, Abby. I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to push that decision on you," he apologized.
 "It's ok. I've already realized something," she told him.
 "What?" he asked.
 "I didn't need all that time," she replied. She looked into his confused eyes, and reached up to him, kissing him lightly. He returned the kiss, with the passion only they two could behold. It was a love like no other.

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