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A View of Acceptance: Chapter 1 (draft)  by agefall_is_here
Maddie searched the floor with her eyes, looking for something that striked her interest. My little sister, believe it or not, held the power that had been passed down throughout our family; the ability to move things with her mind: She was telepathic. Our family had always had this trait; something that had kept us from marrying very often. We had moved since I was three; a total of fourteen years; to hide from my dad the way we truly are.  
   I watched as she scanned for Maribel, our cat of seven years. Snoozing on the edge of the couch, she had no idea how much shock she would be in within seconds. Maddie squinted hard, Maribel clawing as she was lifted unnoticingly off of the edge of the large sofa. I heard a long growl as she clawed at air, now over three feet above the couch. I watched with force as Maribel hissed and growled; her normal way of trying to get out of the messy situation. I dared not try to stop her; she was one of the strongest telepathic in our family, considering Granny was old and weak, mom hadn't used her power in years, and I couldn't even move a penny.
   "Bad kitty. Bad KITTY!" she screeched with happiness as she tried to dunk the cat in the baby crate. I begged her to stop many times, but she could easily throw me across the room. I sighed, working out any possible solution in my head to fix this gruesome situation.
   "Maddie, I'm going to make cookies. Do you want me to make you some?" I asked, trying to distract her.
   Maddie dropped the cat with a thud, whom scurried off into the distance, and preferrably out of the house completely.
  "I want cookies! Chloe make cookies for Maddie! Chloe make cookies NOW!" she yelled at me. I was lucky to have the cat out of harm's way, but now I had to give this little hethen sugar. 
   "Ok, Maddie. I'm going to make you some cookies now," I replied, walking slowly and carefully to the kitchen.
   "Hurry up! Maddie wants cookies NOW!" she yelled at me, a blind force slamming me hard into the wall near the kitchen. I ran out of her range, into the kitchen. With her, she was extremely strong with her powers, but she didn't have a long range like Mom had. Things varied with age, and blood. She was, after all, only my half sister. Even with that, I took care of her most of the time that I wasn't at school, or working. Our family didn't have much to live on, considering the only two people in this house with even slightly liable jobs were my mother and I. My granny just added to the costs: constantly needing medication to keep her 90 year-old self alive. Things just weren't too easy for us.
   My mom worked at a local dress house, tailoring and sewing dresses and regular garments. My job was at a bakery, where I baked whatever some people wanted within eight long hours. I only made around fifteen dollars a day, which wasn't much considering how much I worked. My mom made the usual twenty dollars; not even enough put together to keep much food on the table. Thirty-five dollars a day wasn't really enough to keep us on our feet.
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Date created: April 9, 2009
Date modified: 1 day, 19 hours ago
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Tags: 20th-century, poor, poverty, teen, telepathic, telepathy
Word Count: 650
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Story Length: 1