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The Last Good Fight-Chapter 3  by WILLIAM-BETA-AI

They stood in front of Admiral Harton. He was behind a large wooden desk, smoking a cigar. Something that was questionable on a large weapons station. He leaned back in his chair. He looked at the two marines in front of him, the MP behind. One, a very very high ranking field officer. The other, his aide. A man whom he wondered how he ever got to his position. Then he looked at the small chip on his desk. Riley, the officer, had told him he found it in the rebel comm post. Nothing more.

“Alright then…”

He sat back up in his chair. He hadn’t ever personally known Riley, but he knew plenty of the marines on board had rumors about him. Rumors about which he could only guess.

“Lets see what’s on this AI of yours, Riley”

They both straightened up, stood taller. Harton picked up the chip and spun his chair around. He Fumbled to put it in the rooms AI pad. After a second he stuck it in there. The light above the port turned to green, registering the AI. Just like the Admiral expected, no AI leaped from the pad. He typed into the pads keypad, something you could use for manual controls.


A foot tall figure leaped onto the pad. It wasn’t what he expected a rebel AI to look like. The AI was laying on the pad sleeping, not odd. But what was odd was what he was wearing, a joke almost. He was wearing a pair of polka doted footsie pajamas. He had a sleep cap on over his head which partly covered his face. He turned to face the men.

“So, could any of you offer insight as to what his purpose is?”

They both looked back and forth at each other.

“Most likely a uh defense AI…sir.”

The Admiral wanted to laugh.

“Well, I wouldn’t trust him with the defense of anything. Not the defense of a comm station, and not the defense of a toy box.”

“Admiral sir, no offense, but isn’t that being a tad…ignorant?”

Riley stood there silent the whole time. Then O’Brien said ignorant, he wanted to hit the deck. He knew what was about to happen.

“Son you call ME ignorant! (words I shouldn’t put in this story) At least I didn’t waste an Admirals time with some child’s AI! (More words)”

He sat back in his chair, steaming. O’Brien stood there trying to hide a smirk.

“riley, you may keep your…novelty.”

He turned back around, and took the chip out, then handed it to Riley.



Riley was back in his cabin. O’Brien sat in a chair opposite him.

“Well I didn’t know it’d steam him so bad, lad.”

“You didn’t know? HE is an ADMIRAL for god sake. I’d say if I hadn’t have already turned it in, you shouldn’t be concerned!”

Riley put great emphasis on the last sentence, flailing his arms in the air above his head.

Someone knocked on the door.

“Come in! See O’Brien, they were raised to knock before they enter!”

A sergeant major stepped in.

“Sir, I have your orders, there from top brass.”

Thank you, marine, you can leave now. Just leave them on the desk.”

The marine quickly took care of it and left, no sense in staying around. Riley walked over to the packet. He picked it up and opened it.

“they lost contact with a small colony, just five thousand people or so, no military presence.”

He turned to O’Brien and handed him the packet.

“they want us to take a company and investigate…we leave in a week. Go inform C company, there doing it. I want them ready today.”

O’Brien quickly left the room. The AI leaped to life on the chip.

Riley looked over. He was no longer dressed in an officers uniform, but a set of marine fatigues.

“I don’t…understand you. YOU should’ve tried everything to keep my hands off you, but you just let me take you? Then you dress in a pair of fatigues?”

The foot tall figure suddenly grew. It stood, six feet tall, in the center of his cabin.


“I can help you, I am supposed to help you. Listen to me the next few days, and you will understand.”

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Date created: June 2, 2011
Date published: June 2, 2011
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