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Important stories for "The Last Good Fight" Universe: The Discovery of Interstellar Travel  by WILLIAM-BETA-AI


Well, this isn’t a part of the story, and those who just want to read go on and skip. I just had a few words to write so here we go.

I found that my main story was somewhat lackluster. A hit and miss. Then I thought, well no one knows the back story about anything. I’m sure any of you who have read any of my stories were lost at one point in another. So I thought I’d take a break from my main story and write a bit on the history. Also if this gets a bit more popular I might post something on the forum for more info.




The Discovery of Interstellar Travel

  Doctor Frederick stood before his work. He stood before an intricate machine. A machine that would tear humanity from its impossibly tight chains. Many great thinkers of the Earth had often pondered what the greatest discovery or invention was of mankind. Some the wheel, others fire. The television and the atomic bomb.

The doctor thought that none of these would ever size up with his creation his masterpiece he thought. He thought of it as Michael had thought of David and the Sistine chapel. How Di Vinci had thought of the Mona Lisa.

He chuckled to himself.

The year was 2103 Anno Domini at 7:43 ET. The very second that humanity would be changed forever. The device sat in front of him. It hummed a soft rhythm. Cold blue light pierced the darkness. The light at the end of the tunnel he thought. Tubes ran from small boxes and liquid ran through them. It bubbled exactly every thirty seconds. A small gyro-sphere rotated at the top. It clicked and clacked and buzzed. It would be tested a week from now. The doctor guaranteed it would be able to get to Pluto within half a week. Something that would take years and years in conventional craft. The doctor smiled. He had completely changed the course of humanity for the better.

He walked away out of the room. He shut a door behind him. He hung his white lab coat on a hook outside. One week, he thought.



The dropship thundered towards the launch site. It was early morning and the doctor could see the first rays of sunlight through the back of the squad bay. He sat across some important figures in the United Nations. The president of the United States sat across from him. Along with leaders from Germany and China.

The doctor leaned his head back. The pressure from the speed of the craft kept it back. Then a green light flashed in the squad bay. Just seconds later the dropship slowed and eventually landed on a pad at the launch sight.

The pilot leaned out. “Have a good day sirs!”

Frederick took off the harness and stood up. He stretched his old bones for a second, listening to the creaks and groans. He then walked out into the sunlight. The launch site loomed ahead of them. Towering in the air, it had a space shuttle with the device fitted on to it. Through the week the doctor had discussed the shuttles first destination with the officials. And they had agreed on Alpha Centauri instead of Pluto. The doctor estimated that that it would take roughly four weeks, or one light-year a week. This was an astounding speed. And many had argued that such immense speeds would catapult a craft so fast it would disintegrate. They approached a small bunker about a mile from the pad. Two U.N. soldiers stood at attention outside. They quickly saluted the men as they walked in, and then returned to their position. Inside five men were hastily making last second checks.

“Gentlemen, I see we are almost ready for launch?”

One of the men had sweat on his eyebrow. “Yes doctor, we will commence the launch in fifteen minutes.”

“Very good, sirs I expect you will be very pleased.” Just seconds latter a soldier burst in.

“We have incoming hostile targets!”

“Damn, how did they know? This was under seal and lock!”

The soldier shrugged. “I don’t know sir, orders?” A general took a pistol out of a shoulder holster and walked outside, closing the door behind him.

A dropship roared above them, carrying reinforcements. The doctor looked at the clock, ten minutes.

“Bring up the outer cameras, I would like a look for myself.”

Four smaller screens popped up on a large display. The first three had no activity. The fourth had about fifty rebels on the screen, making their way through the bush. Then suddenly six of them fell to the ground. They had been shot and the forest floor was soaking up the blood. The rebels returned fire. The firefight continued for what felt like forever. They commenced a saturation of the surrounding forest. All that was left on the display were frozen pictures of scorched earth and dead bodies. The exact reason the doctor had set himself to doing this fifty years ago.

“One minute!”

He looked back at the clock. 54, 53, 52, 51. He couldn’t stand it, it dragged on for years.

“10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2!”

The shuttle rocketed into space, a large cloud of debris shot out from the pad, engulfing the bunker. The doctor slammed through the door he shouted and yelled. Tears of joy went streaming down his face. He could barely contain his joy. He raised his arms to the heavens.

“I…have truly conquered yo-“

A shot rang out. This moment in time seemed to play in slow motion. The 308. Round pierced the doctor’s neck, sending a spray of blood onto the sand beneath him. He fell to the ground, gripping his neck as the scarlet fluids drained from him. He gurgled something, trying to hold onto life, but it was futile. The men ran over, trying desperately to save the old man.

People say he died happy, even though he was shot by a sniper. They say it was because this eighty year old man, had at last, found true salvation in the stars.



The day after his death, U.N. troops stormed his lab. They successfully recovered the blueprints for the device.

The sniper that had shot and killed the doctor was intercepted by hunter-killer teams. His name was Jack LaRoche. He was put on court-martial. Two days later he was executed by firing squad. He requested to be faced towards the squad without a blindfold.

The ability to reach almost any location in the galaxy led to the colonization of Epsilon Eridani. This brought about a short lived twenty years of peace, that humanity had thirsted for, for so long. And finally humanity had broken free of her seemingly tiny prison.

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