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Goo 3  by WBScott


“Daddy is home!”  Sarah and Sammie yelled as the comparative giant hugged them in a huge embrace.  He was oblivious of the molten Goo pouring towards his children.

“Aren't you home early?” Sammie gave her father a butterfly kiss.

“Yes,” he said.  Kisses from his daughters easing the day's pain.  “I love the two of you so much.”

He squeezed them harder before letting run into the house.  Their mother waited at a doorway with a great big smile that vanished as soon as the girls passed.  “Why you home from work early, Tim?”

The words almost choked in his mouth.  “I was laidoff, Gina.”

Quickly, she rushed to console her husband giving him more than butterfly kisses.  “All will be alright, come inside.”  They entered their happy home.

Goo followed oblivious of another watching.




“Alien?”  John Sinclair looked at the computer model on his partner's screen.  “Come on, Dan.  That's the craziest conspiracy you ever concocted.”

“Look at the evidence.” Dan VanRubbel pointed to his monitor emphatically.  “Can you explain it any other way?  Those DNA chains don't exist.”

“Do you realize what your implying though?”  John sat down to examine the 'evidence' better to find the flaw in his partner's assessment.  “OXyTen, the fastest rising pharmaceutical company is cultivating or harvesting aliens to create some compound that they spread through a conspiracy with Krankco on toys before shipping them to children around the world...for a purpose you don't know yet.”

“I know there's still missing pieces of information,” Dan said, “but if you can explain why else or how OXyTen can create those sequence I'm all ears.”

Dr. Sinclair was perplexed by the model before him.  “Even if...big if...this is an alien compound what makes you so sure that OXyTen and Krankco are in cohoots?”

“It's the most resonable conclusion, since OXyTen is not selling the compound to anyone...”  Dan leaned in to talk in a low voice.  “Not even Krankco pays for the compound to spray on there toys that do quote/unquote 'nothing.'”

“It does seem weird.  I'll give you that.”  John stood up and began walking away.  “I sure you made a mistake in your calculations somewhere.  Double/triple check it.  If you can't find it, I'll look at it again.  Barbara and I are supposed to have dinner in an hour.”


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Date created: April 21, 2011
Date published: April 21, 2011
Comments: 6
Tags: alien, discovery, goo, mercury, opals, strange-objects
Word Count: 572
Times Read: 456
Story Length: 5
Children Rank: 3.5/5.0 (3 votes)
Descendant Rank: 0.0/5.0 (11 votes)