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"I Have 30 Days to Live"

Chapter Two : Primordial Whim  by UnknownEntity

I am a tough person. My strength comes from within and I do not need anyone resorting to flattery in order to make me feel better. I do not believe in depression, ADHD and all the rest of that neurotic granma crap. I have my own values to which I adhere ; the rest is optional . I am also very tolerant but you would not perceive me as such if you met me down the road at a local bar. Leave me be and I will leave you be. Even now, with this abomination growing in my head. CEO’s are supposed to live in the real world where there is no time for contemplation on a mountain top. But, you know what ? To hell with it. I have decided to give it a shot…my wife Karen, my kids, everyone…I do love them and I do not want them to suffer. I want them to be happy. They cannot see me like this, a person incapable of controlling his moves. I have read about Charles Whitman and I know what a brain tumor can do. I must isolate myself from others – not out of my egotism but out of love. I have left a note for my wife explaining the situation. I do hope she will understand after reading this :


Charles Joseph Whitman (June 24, 1941August 1, 1966) was a student at the University of Texas at Austin who killed 14 people and wounded 31 others as part of a shooting rampage from the observation deck of the University's 32-story administrative building on August 1, 1966. He did this shortly after murdering his wife and mother. He was eventually shot and killed by Austin police.

An autopsy requested in Whitman's suicide note revealed that he had a Glioblastoma brain tumor. This has led to speculation that the tumor was responsible for his rampage.


I am afraid of losing control. I cannot allow it. I am an expert marksman, I know how to handle myself in hand-to-hand combat. Hell, I am a soldier, I have seen human depravity around the world – in Somalia, in Iraq, in Serbia. I can only speculate what might happen when, and not if, my inner barrier begins to crack, eventually shattering into pieces, leaving me at the mercy of my primordial whim.


Yes. I will be like Ted Kaczynski.

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Date created: June 9, 2008
Date published: June 9, 2008
Comments: 18
Word Count: 1443
Times Read: 1615
Story Length: 21
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