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The Roman, Pt.18  by TheRomanizer22

"You've killed my partner, you filthy Roman, so now I will return the favor," shouted the barbarian guard. "You can try," quipped Armenius, and as soon as he withdrew his sword from his sheath, they began to battle in the woods underneath the nights sky.

All you could hear was panting, grunting, swift footwork in the grass, and the clanking and clashing of sword metal as these two battled on. It was looking to be a tie until Armenius pulled the one move that Castus had taught him (who Castus had learned from Gladius): he ducked, turned 360 degrees with one leg out and knocked the guy to the ground and then immediately shoved his blade straight into the guys heart.

For good measure, he slammed on the sword and twisted it 180 degrees to make sure that he heard something crack. He died quicker than his partner, and there was blood spatter on every tree and blade of grass within a five foot radius. Mission: almost accomplished. "Now," Armenius whispered, "onto the leader." 

As he approached the tent, he revelled in the thought that the leader, after all of the blood that was just shed within the hour, was still asleep in theta state. He crept into the tent, making sure that every breath, every muscle, every move was completely silent and completely controlled. He withdrew his sword from his side, and with one clean (and heavy) slice and using both hands, he decapitated the barbarian leader. "It is done," Armenius said to himself, "and now I can head back to my camp in peace." Or so he thought. As he exited the tent with the head of the barbarian leader in his hands, the entire backup cavalry were waiting for his exit.

 "Not again," he thought exasperatingly, as he whipped out his sword and cleared a path through the soldiers so he can make it back to his camp. Once he returned, he cleaned himself off in a nearby brook that lead out to the ocean. He scrubbed himself free of the blood, cleaned his face and entire body (which by the way, was in good shape), and returned to his chambers. After a long night, and for what seemed like weeks on end, the battle was over.

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Date created: Dec. 5, 2007
Date published: Dec. 5, 2007
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Word Count: 518
Times Read: 372
Story Length: 3
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