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Chapter 22 - Katherine  by ThePerfectKick

The lights dimmed and the Jackson and Erik pushed the desks and tree offstage and pushed a bed and TV onto the stage. The lights dimmed and Erik, dressed in pajamas, walked on.


“Some stupid Christmas story…. Relating to me…. What an idiot!” Erik muttered to himself. He got into bed and turned on the TV.


“Jared… Jared…” came a mysterious voice.


“What was that?” Erik said, sitting up with a nervous expression.


“Jared… Jared…” came the voice again.


“Whose there?” Erik demanded.


“Come closer… come closer…” came the voice a third time. Erik picked up a bat and walked closer to the TV.


“Whose there?” he demanded.


“You have been a bad spirit of the Christmas holiday…” the voice sounded raspy.


“So what? What have you got to say about it?” Erik demanded, holding up the bat.


“You will be visited by three spirits… each of them will teach you a valuable lesson… each of them will take you during a time period of Christmas... one in the past… one in the present… one in the future…” it was Eddie behind the voice.


“You again? Look, kid, this isn’t funny!” Erik snapped at the TV. A few of the crowd members laughed at the boy screaming at an inanimate object.


“You’d better prepare… the first spirit comes at 9:00 PM….” Eddie said in a scary voice. Katherine couldn’t help but giggle, which caused Eddie to giggle slightly.


“I’m not falling for it!” Erik screamed at the TV. Again, more laughs from the crowd.


“Prepare… prepare… prepare…” the voice faded off.


“What an idiot,” Erik muttered to himself as the clock struck nine. “Oh, look. It’s 9:00 and guess what? No…” Erik stopped and looked at a red door that had just been pushed out. There was a light underneath it. “Whose there?” Erik walked over to door and opened it to reveal Katherine in a black robe, a black mask, her hair tied to the side and holding a long sword in a black leather case. “Who are you?”


“I am the ghost of the Christmas past…” Katherine whispered.


“Well than, ghost of the past, are you single?” Erik asked, leaning against the doorframe. Members of the crowd broke out laughing.


“No jokes! It’s time!” Katherine grabbed his wrist just as the lights dimmed. She let go and ran to the side and Erik dove into the middle of the stage, hands over the back of his neck. Eddie and Jackson ran onstage and moved the door, bed and TV. They moved a red couch and a large Christmas tree onto the stage. Jackson ran onstage and got down on his knees so he looked like a little boy. The lights came back on. “Open your eyes!” Katherine snapped at him, and Erik did as he was told.


“Why, this is my old home! When I was a child!” he said excitedly.


“Yes, indeed… look around you,” Katherine told him. Eddie ran onstage and acted like Jackson’s older brother. It didn’t work out well, since Jackson had light brown hair and Erik was blonde.


“Bill… what is he… I always hated him… after…” Erik’s voice trailed off at the memory.


“The last Christmas of your childhood,” Katherine finished for him.


“Yes…” Erik said. At that moment, Jonathan walked out, almost tripping on the high heels he was wearing. He was wearing a pink 50s style dress and a red wig. The crowd and laughed hard, and the cast members were muffling out small giggles. Jonathan glared at them all, but he snapped right back into character.


“Jared, honey, it’s time for bed,” he said in a higher than normal pitched voice. The crowd laughed.


“But mommy! I don’t wanna go to bed!” Jackson cried from the ground. He was still trying to hide his laughter.


“Jared, do you want to open your presents tomorrow morning?” Jonathan asked in the high voice again that caused Katherine to snort from behind the mask. He sent her a dangerous glare.


“Yes…” said Jackson, still laughing.


“Than it’s time for bed,” Jonathan said. He tried to pick up Jackson, knowing he couldn’t, so he dragged Jackson offstage, and the crowd laughed at them. Erik turned to Katherine, who was having a laughing fit beneath the mask.


“What is the point of all this? To show me how my brother tortured me?” Erik snapped.


“No… to show you how your hatred for Christmas began…” Katherine said to him. The lights dimmed and Jonathan, Jackson and Eddie ran onstage and put a bunch of torn up paper all over the place. They ran offstage again. Jonathan almost tripped and lost his wig on the trip back, which caused Katherine to snort loudly. Jackson ran back on and got on his knees again. The lights came back on and Jackson acted all confused. Jonathan staggered back onto the stage in the high heels and gasped at the sight.


“JARED! HOW COULD YOU?” he shouted, almost losing his balance on the shoes. The crowd laughed. Jackson turned to him with pleading eyes, though it was hard not to laugh.


“Mommy, I didn’t do it!” he said in the most non-laughing voice he could muster.


“YOU’VE RUINED CHRSTMAS… FOR ALL OF US! HOW DARE YOU… DISRESPECT YOUR FAMILY LIKE THAT?” Jonathan shouted, waving his arms like mad trying to keep his balance. The crowd was in tears.


“Mommy, I…” Jackson tried to say, and Jonathan had to fake slap him across the face, but just as he did that, he lost his balance and fell, his bare feet in the air. Katherine almost doubled over from laughing too much. The crowd was hysterical. Jackson, confused, laughed, and than kneed himself offstage. Erik covered for Jonathan as he recovered himself and moved onto the next part.


“WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I WANT TO REVISIT THIS? YOU INSANE SPIRIT! YOU STUPID GHOST!” Erik shouted, shaking Katherine. The lights dimmed and Jonathan quickly pushed the tree aside, Jackson and Eddie moved the couch, Jonathan grabbed the shoes and tore off the stage. He pushed the TV back on and ran back to change. Katherine also tore off the stage to change. Eddie and Jackson pushed the bed back into place and Erik jumped on and grabbed the pillow and shook it. “You stupid ghost!” He opened his eyes and saw that he was shaking the pillow. He dropped it. “What the? Nice try, kid. I’m not an idiot!”

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