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Chaper 29 - Eddie  by ThePerfectKick

Eddie and Jonathan arrived at the dance. They had put on their masks before they walked in. They were waiting by the snack table, where Eddie was eating pretzels. Jonathan waited and waited, but Katherine and Marguerite hadn’t arrived yet. Finally, he spotted a tint of red in the crowd of black and white. He heard a few gasps, and a few comments, and then the two girls emerged from the crowd. Katherine, her white mask in place, her temporary red hair flowing from behind the mask, looked beautiful in her white gown. Eddie had never seen her so beautiful. But it was the girl next to her that was stunning. A beautifully tanned girl with long, black wavy hair was dressed head to toe in red. She had on a gorgeous red gown, red high heels and a red mask. On her hands were red silk gloves. Eddie walked over to her and took her hand.


“Good evening, Madame!” he said to her. The mystery girl smiled at Katherine and then looked back at Eddie.


“Hello,” she said. A popular song called ‘Stereo Love’ by Edward Maya began to play.


“Like to dance?” Eddie asked.


“I’d love to,” replied the mystery girl. The two of them took the dance floor. As the song played on, Eddie and the girl glided gracefully across the dance floor. The girl was a very graceful dancer, and Eddie was amazed. Did this girl go to his school? Did she go to the other high school that Spencer attended? He didn’t know, but she sure was beautiful. The girl added a touch of Hispanic and slid her foot out slightly behind her as he took hold of her left hand. She danced gracefully back to him. The crowd watched in amazement. The two dancing on the dance floor were the center of attention. As they danced around the floor, the girl kicked off her shoes. As the end of the song approached, Eddie lifted her slightly as she caressed his face lightly. And finally, the ending came, and Eddie ended the dance by dipping the girl down low. Their faces were close.


“You were a great dancer,” Eddie replied.


“Thank you,” the mystery girl replied. They smiled at each other. Eddie neared closer to her and just as their lips were about to meet, they heard a beeping sound: it was the mystery girl’s watch. “I’m sorry, I have to go.”


“But wait! Can’t I at least know your name?” Eddie asked. Katherine and the girl were near the exit door.


“You know me, Eddie. You just don’t think you do,” the girl replied. And at that said, he instantly knew it was her. As soon as they left, Eddie leaned into Jonathan.


“That was Marguerite Petronia! You and Kat set me up!” he snapped. Jonathan smiled and shrugged.


“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” were his final words, and nothing else was said.




The next week, Eddie was sitting in his homeroom class, Mrs. Gerrald’s class when the bell rung.


“Mr. Hall, please stay back,” Mrs. Gerrald said.


“See you at lunch, E,” Jonathan said, following Katherine out the door.


“See you,” Eddie mumbled. He walked over to Mrs. Gerrald’s desk. “Yes?”


“You’re barely passing your classes and you’re failing algebra and history,” she said.


“So?” Eddie asked.


“So, if you don’t maintain at least a C+ average, you could possibly leave this class,” Mrs. Gerrald replied.


“Sweet! I get to leave this class!” Eddie said cheerfully.


“Now, now, Mr. Hall, there’s a lot more to it,” she said sternly. Eddie knew he didn’t like the sound of that.




At lunch, Eddie sat down nervously as Katherine and Jonathan joined him from their Honors History class.


“What’s up, eagle boy?” Katherine asked while sitting down.


“Nothing good, Kat,” Eddie replied.


“Is it anything great? Exciting? Mesmerizing?” Jonathan asked.


“Ok, it’s not great, it’s not exciting, and I don’t even know what ‘mesmerizing’ means,” Eddie said glumly.


“Irresistible, coaxing, stunning, can’t stay away from it,” Jonathan replied.


“Well, it’s not ‘mesmerizing’ either,” Eddie replied.


“That what’s wrong?” Katherine asked. Eddie sighed.


“I might get kicked out of Eastern Regional.” Katherine and Jonathan to dropped their sandwiches.

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Date published: Feb. 19, 2011
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