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Chapter 21 - Jonathan  by ThePerfectKick

Once they were in costume and makeup, Miss Kyle walked onstage and began the introduction.


“Hello and welcome to the Eastern Regional Academy of Athletics High School Christmas Production!” she said, and the crowd clapped and cheered. “No, we are going to have four songs, as you know, one Christmas play and a fifteen minute break right after the play! Let’s begin with our very own Katherine Foster performing the song, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!” Miss Kyle ran offstage as the lights dimmed. The four boys ran onto the stage pushing a large piano on wheels, Eddie riding on top of it. He hopped off and the boys ran offstage as Katherine walked up to a microphone stand, and she began the song. The spotlight moved to where Katherine was standing, as she sang a slow version of the song. Throughout the song, she’d move to the piano and play a couple of notes along with the song. Once she was finished, the crowd cheered.


“Thank you,” Katherine said quickly, running off stage to change for the act. Miss Kyle came out onto the stage again as the boys moved the piano, Eddie again riding on top.


“Wonderful performance, Miss Foster! Wonderful performance! Now, I would like to introduce our four boys, Jonathan Calbino, Eddie Hall, Jackson Whyman and Erik Martin performing Jingle Bells,” Miss Kyle said. She left the stage and the crowd cheered as the four boys came onstage and started singing and dancing to Jingle Bells. Not much went on in this play except the boys horsing around like little kids.


“Thank you! Thank you very much!” Eddie said to the crowd once they were done. The boys ran offstage as Miss Kyle walked back on.


“Now, that was a wonderful performance!” she said as the crowd cheered. “Now, our stars are all changing for the next performance, which is our own version of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol!” The crowd cheered as she hurried off stage. At that moment, Katherine was rushing with putting blush on Jonathan’s face.


“Too much! Too much!” he exclaimed, coughing.


“Sorry, I’m sorry!” Katherine said, putting the blush away. She couldn’t help but laugh at the funny costume Jonathan had to wear.


“I don’t know why you can’t play this character,” Jonathan muttered, putting on a cap to hold all of his long, dirty blonde hair up. Katherine laughed.


“Because I’m already playing the ghost!” she exclaimed. Jonathan groaned, and put on the long red wig.


“We’re on in thirty seconds!” Miss Kyle called. Katherine put on the mask and tied up her hair. She smirked before she put the mask on.


“Better put on your dress,” she said.


“Shut up!” Jonathan snapped. Katherine put the mask back on and turned around laughing. Thirty seconds passed, the first curtains flew back and revealed a desk and a small Christmas tree. Jackson and Erik walked out onstage. Erik’s character, Jared was the mean guy who hated Christmas.


“Happy Holidays, Mr. Jared!” Jackson said in a cheerful voice.


“Ba humbach! Go away!” Erik snapped at him.


“But why? It’s Christmas Eve, after all! Boss told me to send you some holiday cheer,” Jackson explained to him. Erik scowled. It took him a lot not to laugh, since he was normally sweet and quiet.


“Well, I don’t want any holiday cheer! Go away!” Erik snapped at him.


“Oh, fine! But you know, you may end up like Scrooge in A Christmas Carol!” Jackson said to him.


“What makes you think some stupid Christmas story is going to turn into real life and target me?” Erik demanded.


“Well, geez, it was just a joke! Gosh, lighten up, sir!” Jackson said, walking off stage. He laughed at Jonathan’s costume as soon as he passed him.


“Shut up!” Jonathan whispered.

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