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Chapter 35 - Jonathan  by ThePerfectKick

In the end, all was well. Jonathan was fully healed by the end of June and was playing soccer again. He and Katherine’s relationship continued on, and his friendship with Eddie was stronger. Though his relationship with his mother was still harsh.


“No, you are not going out alone!” she would say to him.


“But Mom! What if I go with Katherine or Eddie!” Jonathan whined.


“Only if they come here first!” his mother would snap before ending the conversation.


Jonathan had missed a lot of homework during his absence but his teachers let it go, knowing he had been through a lot and all that homework he had missed was only going to make it worse. Lilian Tore was even more snobbier towards him, wishing that it had been her than had almost died and than survived on a miracle. But Jonathan didn’t care, he was perfectly happy with where he was. At the end of the year, Katherine, Jonathan and Eddie were walking around the school’s track.


“C’mon, let’s take a picture!” Katherine demanded.


“Why? I feel like I look stupid!” Jonathan exclaimed.


“Oh, you don’t look stupid!” Katherine said, kissing his cheek. “Just one picture!”


“Fine, one picture!” Jonathan caved in.


“Yay!” Katherine said, pulling out her phone.


“Say cheese, everyone!” Eddie said, and Katherine snapped the picture.

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Date created: Feb. 21, 2011
Date published: Feb. 21, 2011
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