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Chapter 26 - Eddie  by ThePerfectKick

Eddie woke up the next morning to Christmas air. He was very excited. He hopped out of his bed and tore down the stairs to see his brothers and his grandparents already down there.


“Edward, dear, you sleep really late. We didn’t want to wake you,” his grandmother had said.


“It’s fine, Grandma,” Eddie responded. He sat down on the couch and grabbed a gift that was for him.


“Hey, Eddie! Look what I got!” Christopher said excitedly, running over to show Eddie his new Ipod.


“That’s cool, Chris!” Eddie responded. Than he opened his own gift, which was a new cellphone.




Later that afternoon, Katherine had a Christmas party at her house. Pretty much everyone was there: Marguerite, Sadie, Genevieve, Erik, Jackson, and many others. Her house was actually pretty large on the inside! It had been cleaned out and the babies had been put in a small playpen, where they couldn’t get in the way. Jonathan and Eddie had finally shown up at the party, and Katherine found it hilarious how the two of them were “fashionably late”.


“You’re late!” Katherine had said to them. She had on a fancy red dress and black buckled up high heels. Apparently, her father was much richer than Eddie had thought. She had told the boys to wear a suit and tie and thankfully, they did.


“Yeah, yeah, we know,” Eddie said. Katherine had also invited Eddie’s grandparents and brothers and Jonathan’s mother and sister.


“Hey, at least we came!” Jonathan said. He walked over to Katherine and hugged her. She hugged him back, then looked up at the blonde boy that was staring at her. She sighed as she and Jonathan pulled apart.


“What do you want, Christopher?” Katherine demanded.


“You,” Christopher said. Katherine gave him a disgusted look.


“Forget it,” Katherine said as Jonathan put his arm around her shoulders defensively. She looked at him, laughed and rolled her eyes. “Boys. So defensive.” Katherine walked away to go get something from the kitchen. Eddie pushed Christopher into a wall and walked over to the couch.


“Eddie!” Christopher snapped. Eddie made a face at him. There was another knock at the door and Jonathan, who was still next to it, opened it and Marguerite walked in dressed in what looked like an early 1940’s style red polka dotted dress. Eddie looked up from laughing at Christopher and froze. Her black hair was half up, half down with a red flower in her hair. She had on a golden watch, red high heels and ruby red lipstick. She smiled at Eddie, who smiled back at her. Eddie stood up and walked over to her.


“Er…. Hey, Marguerite,” Eddie stuttered.


“Hi, Eddie!” Marguerite said cheerfully.


“So… surprising to see you here,” Eddie said randomly.


“Is it? Because Katherine invited me here,” Marguerite replied.


“Right… nice weather we’re having today, isn’t it?” Eddie asked. Marguerite gave him a fake smile and nodded. Jonathan walked into the kitchen, where Katherine was preparing a snack.


“Marguerite’s here,” he said.


“Oh, is she?” Katherine asked. Jonathan nodded.


“Eddie seems to be interested in her,” he said.


“Oh really?” Katherine said. She walked to the doorway and watched Eddie and Marguerite. Jonathan popped up behind her to watch.


“So… nice weather we’re having, right?” Eddie asked.


“Yes, you’ve said that eight times,” Marguerite said. Eddie blushed and Katherine and Jonathan sniggered.


“What an idiot,” Katherine said.


“Yeah,” Jonathan agreed. The two of them walked back into the kitchen.


“So, you going to rejoin the soccer team during the spring season?” Katherine asked.


“Heck yeah! Are you?” Jonathan exclaimed. Katherine laughed.


“Of course I am! Why would I not? I’m meant to be a soccer player, right?” she replied. All of a sudden, there was a huge crash in the living room and Katherine and Jonathan ran in to find Eddie on the ground under the coffee table.

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