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Chapter 31 - Jonathan  by ThePerfectKick

Spring passed and summer was on it’s way. It was the middle of April, and things were warming up. Soccer season has started again, and Eddie’s grades have become much improved. His C-‘s have been converted to B+’s, and his D’s have been converted to B’s. He was no longer in danger of being kicked out of the school, but he was in danger of seriously hurting himself while around Marguerite. He was so into her that he became extremely clumsy. They were at the park with Coach Allison, who had just recently had a baby.


“Okay, so team! We need to be able to beat the Tiger’s recreational team in order to win our first place trophy! I know you boys, and girl,” she said, referring to Katherine. “Can win this. I want my new son, Jake to be able to have a mother that coaches a winning team.” This caused the team to laugh. Jonathan admired his coach. She always wore dark blue sweatpants, a white tank top and a light purple jacket that was three-quarters zipped. She had  shoulder-length curly blonde hair and a lot of freckles on her face. “Okay, so let’s begin practice!” The team got up and ran to their positions.




Come May, Jonathan was doing homework in his room one day when he heard a slight crash from behind him. He looked back and saw that Twister was missing in his cage. Jonathan jumped up, scared and nervous for the little bird. He examined the cage and found the small parakeet motionless on the bottom of the cage.


“Oh no,” Jonathan said to himself. “Oh no, oh no! Twister, please don’t be dead!” He picked up the bird. “Please don’t be dead! MOM!” He ran downstairs with the bird in his hands. “MOM! WHERE ARE YOU?” He called and called for his mother, but no answer came. Great, he thought, she’s at work. Then he thought of someone else who could help him. “Katherine!” He ran out of his house and to Katherine’s street. “KAT! KAT, I NEED YOUR HELP!” He called. Katherine looked up from her front lawn. He was so determined to get to Katherine that he didn’t look both ways when crossing the street, just as Kayla Rouge had done.


“JONATHAN! LOOK OUT!” she called as a very large truck mowed over Jonathan. “JON!” She screeched, running over to where he lay motionless, next to the body of what used to be his bird, the one thing in his house that brought happiness to him. “Jonathan! Jon, stay with me! Stay with me!” Katherine blurred in and out of view. His vision was red and blurry and he could barely stay awake. Soon, he felt himself flying and looking upon the scene below. There was his body, covered in blood, and a panicking Katherine beside him, trying to keep him conscious.


“JONATHAN!” he head Eddie call, and saw him run up to his friend’s body. Jonathan could see how bad he was. His arms were lacerated and he was bleeding through his shirt, hair and jeans. He saw Katherine dialing a number real fast and talking real quick with a panicked tone.


“Mrs. Calbino? Yes, Jonathan has just been hit by a car!” Katherine exclaimed into the phone. “Yes, Eddie called 911 and they should be here soon!” Katherine waited as Jonathan’s mother spoke. He heard sirens in the distance. “I hear the ambulance now, I’ll go with him! Eddie will wait at your house for you, all right?” He heard his mother say that nothing was all right that her son was hit and nothing will ever be all right about it. He saw Katherine whisper what looked like ‘How can he live with this woman?’ to Eddie, which made him snigger slightly before going back to mopping up his unconscious friend. “Okay, okay! I’ll see you there! Bye!” She hung up quickly as the ambulance came and put Jonathan’s body on a stretcher and Katherine hopped in the back with him. Eddie took off towards Jonathan’s house. After the ambulance and Eddie had left, Jonathan looked below to see that his bird was still there. Than, everything went black.




“Is he all right?”


“I don’t know, the doctors said…”


“I don’t care what the doctors said! Is he all right?”


“I don’t know, okay! Don’t snap at me! It’s not my fault he didn’t look both ways!”


“Don’t you get an attitude with me, young lady!”


“I’m not even your daughter and you’re starting all of this!”


Jonathan could hear arguing above him, and he figured it was his mother being her normal self, only with Katherine. He couldn’t open his eyes very well, so he left them shut. He just listened to the conversation between his mother and Katherine.


“How am I starting all of this? You were the one he was going to when he got hit!” snapped his mother.


“How was I supposed to know he was supposed to show up at my house?” Katherine snapped back.


“What did I say about getting an attitude with me?”


“I’m just as worried as you are! You’re starting this with me!”


“You know, I hope you didn’t act this way with your own mother when she was still alive!”


“Okay, don’t you bring my mother into all of this!”


“She wouldn’t like that tone your using with me, Miss!”


“What about YOUR mother? Would she have liked that tone you’re using with ME?”


“Okay, my mother is just as gone as your mother and my mother hated me!”


“Gee, I wonder why?” This comment caused Jonathan to giggle slightly. He opened his eyes to find a half-scared, half-surprised Katherine and his mother.


“You two are hilarious,” he said very weakly. Then he coughed.


“JON!” Katherine exclaimed, running to his side. His mother pushed her out of the way.


“Oh, my baby! I cannot believe what happened to you!” She threw her arms around her son and lifted him up.


“Ah!” Jonathan said suddenly, and his mother put him back down.


“Don’t pick him up! You’re hurting him!” Katherine snapped from the other side of Jonathan.


“Oh, now whose starting it?” Jonathan’s mother retorted.


“So immature,” Katherine grumbled under her breath. Jonathan coughed again in his hand and saw that he was coughing up blood. Than a nurse came in.


“Okay, who is yelling in here?” she asked.


“Those two,” Eddie said from the couch, pointing at Katherine and Jonathan’s mother. Jonathan had no idea he had been sitting there the whole time. Than he remembered Eddie had gone to his house to meet his mother.


“You two, out! We cannot have you rallying up the patient!” the nurse snapped, grabbing their wrists and dragging them out the door.


“You see what you did? You got us kicked out!” Katherine snapped at her.


“I got us kicked out? Uh, excuse me, I am his extremely worried mother! I have a reason to be snippy!” Jonathan’s mother snapped back.


“Yeah? Well maybe a bit too snippy!”


“I’m not starting this again.”


“Neither am I.” The nurse shut the door behind them.


“Gosh, your mother really doesn’t get along well with Katherine,” Eddie said.


“Sh-she doesn’t… doesn’t get along w-with anyone,” Jonathan replied weakly.


“I see that,” Eddie replied. He got up, walked over to Jonathan and put his hand on his shoulder. “You gave us quite the scare, man. We’re grateful that you’re still alive. Doctor said that you had a very small chance of living, and it’d be a miracle if you did.”


“W-well, it looks like…” Jonathan coughed. “It looks like that… that miracle came.”


“Yeah, well I think you should keep the talking to a minimum. You sound very weak and wheezy,” Eddie told him.


“Wh-what’s wheezy to you… you… you sound weak ar-round Marguerite,” Jonathan said. His breathing was labored.


“Seriously, Jon, stop speaking. You’re going to stress your lungs,” Eddie told him. Jonathan just breathed heavily out of his mouth. “Still going to stress them.”


“W-well sorry for… for having m-my nose... all p-plugged up,” Jonathan said. They both let out a small giggle, and Jonathan coughed again.


“Maybe laughter won’t work either,” Eddie said to him.


“Th-than what am I… what am I s-supposed to… to do?” Jonathan asked weakly, again, laboring his breathing.


“Easy, calm down, shut up, and go back to sleep,” Eddie said. He tried not to laugh but let out a snigger anyway. Jonathan coughed again. “Geez, Jon! That coughing sounds rough! How about I go and get a doctor to check that out?”


“O-okay…” Jonathan said. Eddie left the room to go find a doctor.




“Okay, Jonathan, I’d like you to lean forward for me,” said the doctor, and Jonathan leaned forward. Painfully, but leaned forward. “Breath in and out for me.” Jonathan did as he was told. “You sound a little wheezy… okay, try breathing through your nose this time.” Jonathan did as he was told. “Still wheezy and labored.” Jonathan coughed a heavy, damp cough. “Yes, you still sound bad. How about I go and get a nurse to give you your antibiotics now?” Jonathan nodded, and lay back down. “Okay, but let me just check your breathing while you’re laying down.” He lifted Jonathan’s shirt to where he could listen to his lungs. “Yeah, still labored. I’ll go and get the nurse.” The doctor put his shirt back down, stood up and walked out of the room.


“How is he, Doc?” Eddie asked in a dramatic tone. The doctor, named Dr. Johnson, laughed and smiled at him.


“This isn’t a hospital show where the patient is dying, but his breathing is labored and wheezy and his coughing still sounds damp, so I’m going to have a nurse get him his antibiotics now,” Dr. Johnson said. He walked away from Eddie and traded his happy smile for a very nervous expression. He passed the nurse who was caring for Jonathan.


“Is he better, Doctor?” she asked.


“Well, I don’t exactly know how his friends are going to take it, but Mr. Calbino is dying.”

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