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Chapter 22 - Katherine  by ThePerfectKick

Things were too quiet in AT Science without Jonathan. Katherine had kept her phone on her, just in case she were to get a call about him. One day, her phone rang in the middle of class. It was Eddie.


“Mr. Howard! I’m sure this is Eddie calling about Jonathan, may I take it?” Katherine asked.


“Yes, you may. Since this concerns one of my top students, I would be upset if you didn’t,” Mr. Howard replied. Katherine ran into the hall and answered it.


“Eddie! Did you hear anything?” Katherine asked.


“Kat, It’s Jon,” Eddie said in a panicked tone.


“What? What happened?” Katherine demanded.


“You have to get to the hospital! Jon’s just had a stroke!”




Katherine got to the hospital quickly to find Eddie pacing in the waiting room.


“Any news?” she asked.


“They just brought him into the surgery room. I’m not sure of his current condition, though,” Eddie said.


“Ok, okay,” Katherine said. She sat down on the chair as Eddie continued to pace.




First an hour passed, than two, than three. Eddie got sick of pacing and turned to the fish tank for entertainment. Katherine found a magazine and was reading an article about heart disease. Eddie was tapping loudly at the fish tank. Katherine looked up.


“I don’t think the fish appreciate that, Eddie,” she said. Eddie looked at her.


“How do you know?” Eddie asked.


“Because they are swimming away from that side of the tank,” Katherine said.


“Oh,” Eddie replied. He stopped tapping and just stared at the fish. “These fish are lucky. They don’t make good relationships with people and when they die, no one has ever loved them enough to care.”


“Now, I’m sure that’s not true, Eddie. Some people who have had a fish that could live for a very long time has probably felt pain when it died,” Katherine replied.


“I don’t know, but who would ever care about a fish? They’re just dinner to people,” Eddie said.


“So are cats and dogs in other countries, yet people eat them,” Katherine responded.


“Yeah? Well in this country, that’s just sick and cruel,” Eddie said. Dr. Johnson came out with a very concerned expression on his face, and Katherine knew the news, and felt her stomach drop and her whole world fall apart.


“Your friend, Jonathan has just died on the operating table.”

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Date created: Feb. 21, 2011
Date published: Feb. 21, 2011
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