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10 - Katherine  by ThePerfectKick

Katherine and Jonathan were in their Honors Science class with Mr. Marckson, their third period class.


“Mr. Calbino, Miss Foster, please stay back,” said Mr. Marckson at the end of the class. Katherine and Jonathan walked over to his desk, books in hand. “You two are doing so well. It’s just that the principal would like you two to take two after school classes.”


“After school classes?” Katherine asked.


“Yes, after school classes, Miss Foster,” Mr. Marckson replied.


“Every day after school?” Jonathan asked.


“No, no, not every day, Mr. Calbino! Just on Tuesdays from 3:00 to 4:00!” Mr. Marckson excitedly responded.


“Tuesdays? But we have practice on Tuesday!” Katherine cried.


“Well, Miss Foster, I’d hate to say it, but these classes are required for you to move on to your Junior year. If you want to move on, you must take these classes,” Mr. Marckson said to them. Katherine and Jonathan looked at each other, sighed, and looked back at Mr. Marckson.


“All right, we’ll take them,” Jonathan said. “What classes are they?”


“AT Science and AT Math,” said Mr. Marckson.


“That doesn’t seem too bad,” Jonathan said, shrugging.


“Not at all, Mr. Calbino. Not at all. Your special classes will begin next Tuesday at 3:00, okay?” Mr. Marckson asked. Katherine and Jonathan nodded, and left his classroom for Miss Taylors’s class.


“I’m not so sure about this,” Katherine said.


“Well, we could always let Coach Carson and Coach Allison know,” Jonathan suggested.


“Yeah, that’s true,” Katherine responded.


“We’ll have to tell them today after school,” Jonathan stated. Katherine nodded as they walked into their Honors Algebra class.




The Tuesday of the extra classes, Jonathan and Katherine headed to Mr. Marckson’s classroom for AT Science. Around her, Katherine saw students like Sadie Jackson, Genevieve Dawson, and Mark Phelps.


“Please take your seats,” said a teacher whom Katherine didn’t know. “My name is Mr. Howard. I am the senior class Honors Science teacher. Now, I will call your name and I’ll need you to please raise your hand to let me know you’re here. Miss Blanket.”


“Here!” called sweet little Annie.


“Miss Brecka,” Mr. Howard called.


“Here!” called Angelina.


“Mr. Bryzicki,” he called.


“Here,” said Brandon.


“Mr. Calbino,” he called.


“Right here,” Jonathan said.


“Mr. Cambrelli,” Mr. Howard called.


“I’m here,” called Zack.


“Miss Chung,” called Mr. Howard.


“Here,” said Yumika.


“Mr. Danson,” called Mr. Howard.


“Here,” said David.


“Miss Dawson,” called Mr. Howard.


“Present,” said Genevieve.


“Miss Faith,” called Mr. Howard.


“Here,” Mary said sweetly.


“Miss Foster,” called Mr. Howard.


“Here,” said Katherine.


“Miss Hats,” called Mr. Howard.


“I’m here!” called Emilee.


“Miss Hanna,” called Mr. Howard.


“Here,” Amber said glumly.


“Mr. Hazel,” called Mr. Howard.


“Here,” replied Jaret.


“Miss Jacks,” called Mr. Howard.


“I’m right here!” said Ruby cheerfully.


“Miss Jackson,” called Mr. Howard.


“Here,” said Sadie from the back. So that was Victoria’s twin sister! They looked nothing alike. Victoria had flaming red hair, while Sadie had dark black hair.


“Miss Jones,” Mr. Howard called.


“Here!” called Bella from Sadie’s left.


“Miss Jumper,” called Mr. Howard.


“Here,” said Vanessa quietly. What was a cheerleader doing here? Not that all cheerleaders were dumb, its just that Vanessa was really popular. Katherine looked around. Lilian was nowhere in sight.


“Mr. Martin,” called Mr. Howard.


“Here,” called Erik, who was next to Jonathan. Jonathan and Erik were good friends now, but not as close as Jonathan was with Eddie. Katherine looked around, hoping Eddie was going to be in this class. Unfortunately, Eddie’s science grade was a D, so there was no way he was going to be in this class. Most of these students looked like they were in the Honors Science classes.


“Miss Kara Miller,” called Mr. Howard.


“Here!” called Kara.


“Miss Kira Miller. Maybe I should start calling the students by their first names, since there are a pair of twins in here,” Mr. Howard said, hoping for a laugh. No laughter came.


“I’m here, too,” Kira called. She was sitting next to Kara. Yeah, they were twins, but they looked nothing alike. Kara had dark brown hair, while Kira had curly blonde hair. Both had blue eyes.


“All right, Mr. Morran?” Mr. Howard called. No answer came. Mr. Howard marked Logan Morran as ‘absent’.


“Mr. Neggonia,” called Mr. Howard.


“Here,” said Eugene glumly. He was a very nerdy student. He always carried an inhaler and had red hair that went all over the place.


“Miss Petronia,” called Mr. Howard.


“Here!” called Marguerite from next to Katherine. She was good friends with Marguerite. She was very friendly and loved to talk.


“Mr. Phelps,” Mr. Howard called.


“Here,” said Mark.


“Miss Poliski,” called Mr. Howard.


“Here,” said Devyn.

“Mr. Timothy,” called Mr. Howard.


“Here,” Robert said.


“Miss Staub,” called Mr. Howard. Again, no answer. He marked Tamika Staub as ‘absent’. “Mr. Zacchio?”


“Here!” Harry said. Mr. Howard made the last mark and put down his chart.


“Now, to begin today’s lesson,” he began.

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