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Chapter 23 - Eddie  by ThePerfectKick

“Get it off! Get it off!” Jonathan screamed as Katherine tried to pull the cap off of his head.


“My finger is stuck!” she screeched, pulling her hand out of his hair.


“OOOOWWWW!!!” Jonathan screamed. Eddie rolled his eyes and went back to being the voice.


“Jared… Jared…” he said into the microphone. Erik jumped off the bed. “Come closer… come closer…”


“Y-yes?” Erik asked, shaking, but moving closer to the TV. He had the pillow in front of him to protect him.


“The next spirit will come at 10:00 PM…” the voice said, fading off.


“Yeah right! I’m not falling for it again!” Erik said laughing. The clock stroke ten and Jonathan, rubbing his head, leapt onto the bed dressed in jeans, a blue plaid shirt and a red plaid jacket. “Ha! It’s ten and I don’t see any AHHH!” Erik turned around and jumped to see a smiling Jonathan laying there stomach-down on his bed.


“Hello, Jared! I’ve been waiting for you,” Jonathan said, hopping off the bed.


“Who are you? What are you doing in my house?” Erik demanded.


“I’m the ghost of the Christmas present! I’m here to show you what the people you’ve befriended are thinking about you!” Jonathan replied cheerfully.


“Oh no! I’m not falling for it!” Erik snapped at him, but Jonathan totally ignored him.


“Let’s go!” he said, grabbing his wrist. Jonathan ran off to the end of the stage as Erik dove to the ground again, hands over his neck. Jackson and Eddie pushed the red couch back onto the set and the Christmas tree on the opposite side of the stage as it was for the third scene. The lights came back on and Jonathan leaned down to Erik’s face. “What are you doing?”


“AAAHHH! STAY BACK!” Erik shouted, skidding across the stage, clearly frightened.


“Oh, uh… okay. But first, look around you,” Jonathan said to him. Erik looked at his surroundings as Jackson walked onstage holding a baby doll. He sat down on the red couch.


“Where am I?” Erik asked.


“Inside your friend, Michael’s house,” Jonathan replied cheerfully.


“Whose Michael? And why are you so gay?” Erik asked him.


“Well, for one, Michael is your little friend from work, and what do you mean by ‘gay’?” Jonathan asked.


“Well, you’re happy all the time,” Erik said.


“So?” Jonathan asked.


“So… it’s creepy. Anyway, back to this Michael kid. That’s his name?” Erik asked, trying not to laugh. He got a kick of calling Jonathan ‘gay’ since he had to wear a dress and make up for the play, and he was glad it was in the script. At that moment, Katherine walked in, her strawberry blonde hair flowing. She was wearing a pink dress.


“So, Mike, how is your friend at work?” she asked him.


“Who, Jared? He’s not my friend. He is the most selfish, self-centered person I’ve ever met. I feel bad for the next person who crosses his path…” Jackson said.


“How dare he say that about me?” Erik demanded.


“Shut up!” Jonathan snapped, causing the crowd to laugh.


“Oh… that bad, huh?” Katherine asked. Jackson nodded.


“Of course! I always give him a gift, but never get one back! He’s so selfish!” Jackson exclaimed.


“Well, I’m sure he could change,” Katherine stated.


“Psh! That’d take a miracle,” Jackson said, sticking a bottle in the baby doll’s mouth. Jonathan backed offstage.


“Does he really mean that, spirit?” Erik asked. He turned around. “Spirit? Spirit?” The lights dimmed and he continued to turn around and around repeating himself. Jackson and Eddie pushed the bed back on as Jonathan pushed the TV and the door back on. “Spirit?” The lights came back on. “Psh! Can’t believe I was day dreaming again! I must be delusional!” Erik got back into the bed and turned the volume up on the TV. Eddie returned to the voice as Jackson hurried to get some make up on himself to look older. Jonathan was going to play the older version of Jared, and went to go put on makeup as well. Katherine did the same.


“Jared… Jared…” Eddie said as he pulled the black robe over his clothes. It went all the way down to his feet.


“Hello?” Erik asked, sitting up.


“Come closer… come closer…” Eddie said, putting the mask on. He picked up a fake knife and smirked. He knew he’d have to keep a straight face as the last ghost, though. Erik got out of the bed and got closer to the TV.


“Yes?” he asked.


“The last spirit comes at 11:00 PM…” Eddie said. He ran behind the second curtain and to the other side of the stage.


“Eleven? But that’s…” Erik said as the clock stroke eleven. “Right now… The last spirit is always the scariest! I don’t want to face it! Please, anything but…” Erik turned around. “AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!” Erik screamed and leapt backwards as he came face to face with Eddie. Eddie tried hard not to laugh. Eddie pointed to the door. Erik nodded and went over to the door. He opened it and saw the back of the stage. “Spirit, what is…” Eddie pointed through the door. Erik nodded and stepped through. The lights dimmed again and the scene changed. Jonathan pushed a rocking chair and an old phone was lowered down by a wire. Jonathan sat down into the chair. Katherine and Jackson pushed the red couch onto the stage and a phone on a table. The lights came back on. Erik looked to see the much older-looking Jonathan. “Who is that?” Eddie pointed to Erik. “That’s me?” The old phone rang and Jonathan picked it up.


“H-H-Hello?” he said in a raspy voice.


“Jared? Is that you?” said Jackson, also looking very old, from the other side of the stage.


“Y-y-yes…” Jonathan replied in the raspy voice.


“How are you? You don’t sound well!” Jackson exclaimed.


“N-not well…” Jonathan responded, coughing.


“Well, I’m glad you called! I was going to…” Jackson said as an older version of Katherine walked onto the stage.


“Who are you talking to, dear?” she said.


“To Jared,” Jackson responded.


“Hang up!” Katherine exclaimed.


“Well, Jared, I have to go. Merry Christmas, Jared,” Jackson said. The spotlight turned off on Jonathan He put the phone back on the receiver. “The nerve of that man. After sixty years of never getting a Merry Christmas from him, why should I give him one?”


“Well, I’m so happy to have you!” Katherine said to him. Jonathan slowly hung up the phone. The spotlight turned off of them and onto Jonathan.


“I have nobody…” he whispered.


“How horrible! Spirit, am I really going to be that lonely?” Erik asked. He turned around to see that the Spirit was gone, but Jonathan, Katherine and Jackson had moved the couch, chair and phone away and replaced it with the bed and the TV. “Wow…” Erik pretended to be surprised that it was morning. He smiled and tore offstage. The lights dimmed and Jonathan, Eddie and Jackson quickly took the bed and TV off the stage and moved the desks and small tree back on. Jackson, out of makeup, walked to a desk where he was holding some papers when Erik ran back on with a red package. “Michael! Michael!” Jackson turned around.


“Jared? I didn’t even know you knew my name!” he exclaimed. Erik smiled and handed him the package.


“Merry Christmas, old pal!” he said.


“Merry Christmas, Jared!” Jackson said as the curtains closed. The crowd applauded as Miss Kyle came back onstage.


“All right! All right! We will now be taking a fifteen minute break, so that gives you time to do whatever you have to do! I hope you’ve enjoyed the production so far!” she said. She walked offstage and the lights to the auditorium came back on.

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