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Chapter 34 - Eddie  by ThePerfectKick

Eddie almost fell off of his chair, he was so shocked. He couldn’t believe what he just heard. He felt tears stinging his eyes.


“Wh-what?” he asked.


“I’m so sorry,” said Dr. Johnson. Katherine was already in tears. She stood up.


“C-can we s-see him?” she asked.


“As you wish,” Dr. Johnson said. “Follow me.” Katherine and Eddie followed him into a room. There was a table with a lumpy blanket on top, the blanket that covered Jonathan’s lifeless body. Dr. Johnson removed the blanket and left the room.


“H-he looks s-so peaceful,” Katherine said suddenly. She caressed Jonathan’s cheek softly with her hand. She stepped back so Eddie could say something.


“Jon, I can’t let you leave without hearing this,” he began. “You were the best friend I’ve ever had. You were everything to me, even if I haven’t known you for as long as I would have liked. You were great, intelligent, and very talented. You were more than what your mother may have caused you to think bad things of yourself. To be honest, I planned on saying this when we were in our 90’s, but I guess I was wrong. But hey, I’m an idiot, I’m always wrong aren’t I?” He tried to laugh, but couldn’t He stepped out of the room.


“Jon, I loved you so much from the start,” Katherine said. “I never thought that I’d be in love with someone as amazing as you. You completed me, and now, I’m broken. I don’t know what to do. Gosh, I wish you could show me the way. I love you, Jon. And always will.” She leaned down and kissed him on the lips before placing the blanket over him and leaving the room. The lumpy blanket stirred slightly.




Two weeks later, Katherine and Eddie returned to school. They had stayed away from school for a bit because of everything they had gone through. They had lost their best friend. Erik had walked up to Eddie that day and placed his hand on his shoulder. They exchanged looks of loss before continuing on their way. Katherine had gone to her Honors Algebra class with Miss Taylors. The seat next to hers, Jonathan’s, was empty, and she could barely stand it. She put her head down and just listened to the voices around her. She heard the door open and what sounded like crutched being walked on.


“I’m sorry, Miss Taylors, I kind of got held up in the elevator,” said a voice that sounded vaguely familiar, but she ignored it, knowing it was just her mind trying to bring back the pain. She heard the chair next to her pull open and a body being dropped into it, which caused Katherine to look up. She gasped, eyes wide, and threw her arms around Jonathan’s neck.


“JON!” she exclaimed and hugged him tightly.


“Whoa, Kat! Easy! Remember, I’m still in pain from the accident!” Jonathan exclaimed. Katherine laughed tears of joy.


“Oh shut up, you big know-it-all!” she said.





Come lunchtime, Eddie was totally oblivious to the fact that Jonathan had returned, healthy and very well alive. He was sitting at the table with his head down when he heard the sound of crutches being walked on behind him. He heard two chairs being pulled back and being sat on.


“Hey, Eddie, you want my granola bar?” Katherine asked, knowing he hated them. Eddie sighed.


“No, Kat, I don’t want your stupid granola bar,” he mumbled miserably.


“Do you want my icky tuna sandwich? You know I hate tuna,” Jonathan said to him, knowing he loved tuna.


“No, Jon, I’m too upset about you being dead to eat tuna,” Eddie said. Jonathan and Katherine exchanged curious looks, and than Eddie’s head shot up. “Jon?”


“Hey, E!” Jonathan replied cheerfully. They both jumped up and went to hug each other, but stopped.


“Uh, that’s awkward,” Eddie said quickly.


“Very awkward,” Jonathan replied. They stood silent for a moment. “Oh, what the heck!” Jonathan exclaimed and they threw their arms around each other. Katherine laughed at the fact that Eddie was much taller than Jonathan and was pretty much carrying him.

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