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Chapter 24 - Katherine  by ThePerfectKick

“Okay, so, now we’re going to have our third performance, featuring Miss Katherine Foster and Mr. Jonathan Calbino! For a new Christmas song that I took the time to write called ‘I Can’t Imagine Christmas Without You’,” Miss Kyle said. The crowd cheered as she walked offstage and the lights dimmed. Katherine and Jonathan walked onstage, the music began, and the lights came on. Katherine and Jonathan basically had to alternate lines throughout the whole song. It was kind of a slow song, but it ended in what seemed like a never-ending word. The crowd cheered and the two of them left the stage as Miss Kyle came back on. “Beautiful performance!” Miss Kyle said.


“Hurry up!” Eddie snapped at Jackson.


“Oh, like you’re any faster,” Jackson snapped back.


“Faster than you! Hurry!” Eddie snapped back, putting on his black top hat.


“Now, here is our surprise song, a performance featuring all five of our cast members, ladies and gentlemen, here they are performing Mariah Carrey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’!” Miss Kyle said. She walked off the stage as the curtains finally opened and revealed a very decorative Christmas styled set. There was a fireplace, two large presents, two curved staircases, a second floor, three doors on the second floor, each with their own wreath, and a large Christmas tree. The music began and Katherine appeared out of the door closest to the left hand staircase, where she began the song. Katherine was wearing a red dress with white fluffy parts around the bottom and top rim of the dress.


“I knew it was this song,” Genevieve said to herself. Marguerite gave her a small playful shove. Katherine moved down the staircase while singing the song.


“Knock on the door!” Jackson whispered to Jonathan.


“You’re supposed to do it!” Jonathan whispered back.


“Miss Kyle told YOU to do it!”


“Fine!” Jonathan knocked on the door as Katherine reached the end of her part. She opened the door and both Jonathan and Jackson each took one of her arms. Jonathan was the first of the two to sing. He sang his part, and than Jackson sang his. Katherine’s part came up again as the boys let go and grabbed their canes. After they all finished the second chorus, Erik and Eddie popped out of the large presents. Erik’s part came first, than Eddie’s, than Jackson’s part came up again, and then Jonathan’s. Katherine ended again with the chorus. Finally the bridge came and the boys each had their turns: first Erik, than Jonathan, than Jackson, than Eddie, and then all four. Katherine had a couple of lines before Jonathan came in, than she finished the chorus and the ending came at last. Jonathan lifted Katherine up and placed her on the piano. After a line or two, she hopped off and ran to center stage, where the boys surrounded her and fake snow began to fall from the ceiling. The crowd cheered and clapped loudly as the music ended. The lights dimmed and the four of them ran offstage to change. Miss Kyle walked back on as the curtains closed and the lights came back on.


“Wonderful! Fantastic! I don’t know how to better describe this performance! This performance took weeks and weeks of practice and tons of dress rehearsals along with regular rehearsals. Please respect each of the cast members as they arrive, so lets start with Mr. Jonathan Calbino!” Miss Kyle called as Jonathan ran onstage. He waved to the crowd and they cheered. “Miss Katherine Foster!” Katherine ran onstage and stood next to Jonathan, who wrapped his arm around her waist. Mr. Eddie Hall!” Eddie hopped out onstage and waved to the crowd. Katherine tossed her free arm around his shoulders. “Mr. Erik Martin!” Erik ran out onstage and stood next to Eddie. “And last, but not least, Mr. Jackson Whyman!” Jackson ran out onstage and stood next to Erik. They spread apart, linked hands and bowed to the crowd as they cheered. “Thank you for coming out tonight! Have a wonderful Christmas and we hope to see you here at the next performance tomorrow night!” Miss Kyle said. The lights in the whole auditorium came on as Miss Kyle and the teenagers walked offstage.


“That was fantastic!” Katherine exclaimed.


“At least you didn’t fall,” Jonathan said harshly. Katherine grabbed his cheeks and squeezed.


“Aw! Someone’s being a sourpuss!” she said to him.


“Yes, I am,” Jonathan responded, kissing her. They both laughed. “So, see you tomorrow?”


“Yeah, see ya, Jon!” Katherine said, leaving the auditorium.

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