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"The rant about nothing important"

Projects Page Postings  by Stormbird_57

I do suppose that my only rant and rave would be about the Projects between New Story and Stories. Newbies may find it interesting for about a minute or so. Us oldsters find that someone has forgotten this particular bullitin board since 2010. Here we are getting ready to go into 2012 and this Projects Post has been abandoned. Of course if there will never ever be any new projects at all, it needs to be removed all together. Other wise all the postings in Projects need to be updated if anyone cares to take care of it!  Some storymashers have came and gone, but, they have left their marks in storymash history. That's it! Change Projects to Projects History and have one for Projects Now and Projects Future. But, who's listening anyway? Who cares? And I won't even comment on the Contest post, other than to say that it's in the same boat. I see a few new stories popping up every so often, like the one above that I'm adding on to with my own rant and rave. Oh, to heck with it any way!

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Date created: Dec. 15, 2011
Date published: Dec. 15, 2011
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Tags: fiction, who-cares
Word Count: 201
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