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A Reoccurring dream, to that of reality  by Steve1

The year 1955. Born into a middle class family in Portland Oregon, I was raised with discipline yet with a loving mother and father who encouraged me to experience the best of what life would bring to us. For me, my upbringing resulted in a very imaginative mind where my parents on many occasions would just smile when I told them of my dreams.

 You see, from about the age of 10 I would have the same dream over and over again. My dream you may ask, I would be walking alone through this dark wooded area where I came across a shinny object protruding about 7” in circumference and about 2 inches in height from out of the ground. I would bend down to polish the dirt away form the shinny object but at that point, I would always awake from this dream, never to discover what my find was.

 As I grew older, this dream faded although I would continue to think often of my upbringing which always brought back thoughts of this same dream.

 It was my later years, now 52 years old where I thought I was going through some type of midlife crisis. Work was great and my marriage was the best, yet I felt I needed time alone to just get away from it all. I thought of all types of things to do from going on a safari to climbing a mountain. Talking with my friends, actually work colleagues, they suggested a camping trip along the southern part of Oregon close to the California boarder.

 Three weeks later I found myself alone camping in a very tranquil area near a stream with nothing to do but reflect on my life and stay warm and dry as it was windy and raining very hard. It wasn’t until the third day that I found I was running short of fire wood. Gathering my backpack I took off into the forest to find my treasure of dry wood.

 Having hiked only a mile in, something had caught my peripheral vision as though a very powerful bright light was reflecting from a mirror. I turned 90 degrees and headed into the thick wooded area. As I got closer, the object of this reflection became clearer as well as the memory of my reoccurring childhood dream. Approaching cautiously, I bent down and brushed the dirt away believing I would wake up as like my past dreams. Reality, amassment and a sense of anxiety set in.

 I pulled my hatchet, flashlight and camping shovel from my backpack and began to dig. I continued to dig around this object for many hours revealing a cylindrical object about 10 feet in diameter that seemed to protrude many more yards into the hard packed dirt. On the side of the object were writings unfamiliar to me and below the writing was what appeared to be a very close tolerance access door approx 3 feet square. I wedged my hatchet blade into the door seams prying to no avail as the door would not open.

 Being very tired from the digging and it was getting dark out, I figured I would investigate the next morning. Packing up my shovel and hatchet and taking my flashlight from the ground for my walk back to my base camp, I took one last look at this object shinning my flashlight directly onto what I perceived as an access door.

 As I pulled the light beam from the door area, an audible sound became apparent. Listening and focused on the door, it opened exposing darkness within.

 Falling to my knees and with caution, I aimed my flashlight into the interior of the object exposing a technology which appeared to be very advanced from that of 2007.

I pulled my backpack off and entered into the object climbing down into its lower area to find...... 

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  'A Reoccurring dream, to that of reality' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: Nov. 9, 2007
Date published: Nov. 9, 2007
Comments: 2
Word Count: 796
Times Read: 690
Story Length: 2
Children Rank: 3.6/5.0 (6 votes)