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Namies Trouble Chapter 1: meet namie  by SparklingPetal

A girl was running to school on a rainny morning. "Ahh, I'm late and it's raining.  That's great I should have took my umbrella" she said. "I'll start by introducing myself.  My name is Namie Takahiro and I'm 15.  I go to naru high school.  I'm a sophmore and I'm taking four classes this year.  I work at a part time job." she said.  She ran into class.  "Namie Takahiro! Why are you late again!"the teachre yelled.  "sorry, I slept in.  I didn't get to my homework until 11 at night"she said. "No excuses! Now sit down"he said.  "Yes, Sir" she said and sat down in the front row.  "Hey namie, late again I see" Rei whispered. "Yeah, I didn't get much sleep last night."she whispered.  "This is my best friend, Rei. we've known eachother since middle school.  The teachers name is Mr. Jean.  He's a good teacher." she said.  "Class we have a new student joining us today."he said.  "His name is Keith" he said.  Keith walked into the room. "Keith, you will sit next to...Namie. Maybe you can change her late ways" he said. Keith sat down.  "You better not give me a bad reputation." he said.  "I'm Namie and this is Rei" she said."that's nice.  I can see you're not a bright one." he said.  "What's that suppose to mean" she said.  "That only proves my point.  He already introduced you so you don't need to reintroduce yourself" he said.  (This guy is getting on my nerves.  Why's he being mean) she thought madly.  "hey, whats your problem" Rei said loudly.  "Nothing, I'm not the one drawing attention" he said cooly.  Rei looked around.  The students we're looking at him. (Aww man.  Everyone knows what will happen next) he thought.  "Rei! Detention!" Mr.Jean yelled.  Keith smirked.  (he did that on purpose!)Rei thought.  "The rest of the class time is for writing about the different kinds of poetry." Mr. Jean said.  The students started writing.  ( I hope he's not in my other classes) she thought.  The bell rung.  They we're walking.  "that new kid thinks he's so cool" Rei said.  Maybe we should give him a chance. Being new can be hard.  It's not like we'll have any other classes with him." Namie said.  "You're right, besides, I'm not mad anymore.  We have P.E. next and I love P.E." He said excidedly.  "Yeah, you're really good at it" she said.  They got dressed and came out of the gym.  "Before you get started on playing Basketball, let me introduce a new student."Mr. Kaiji said.  (Don't tell me.....) they thought.  "Keith Rainji" he said.  (Noooooooooo)they thought.  Keith stepped in.

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Date created: Feb. 24, 2009
Date published: Feb. 24, 2009
Comments: 0
Tags: comedy, drama
Word Count: 614
Times Read: 358
Story Length: 4
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