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"Serpent in the Sea"

Serpent in the Sea 2  by Sixella

“Willow.” She told him and he did his best to smile.

 “Thank you, Willow,” he replied, “thank you for your help.” She blushed.

“Can I take you to a hospital?” She thought he’d be more accepting now that he was better aware of himself but again he shook his head.

 “No.” He muttered.

She grew agitated. He wasn’t going to let her take him to the hospital and she felt too bad trying to force him to in his condition. He had nearly drowned and she doubted he wanted people hovering over him, poking and prodding. Besides, other then being a little shook up, he seemed alright. 


 “Can you walk?” She asked.

“I think so.” He replied and tried to steady himself onto his feet. She hovered over him incase he fell. When standing he started to cough. His voice was harsh. And judging by his skin pigment she imagined he was dehydrated.

“If you refuse to go to a hospital, at least come to my house and I’ll get you some food, water and some dry clothes.”

He hesitated, then after a minute of thought, nodded his head in agreement and thanks.


 It had been a month since the encounter with the boy, who she now knew as Hayden. He had been living with her and though she

tried to refuse, he insisted on paying her rent until he could find a home here on the island. She didn’t know where he was getting the money to pay for his rent but somehow, even without a job, he managed to afford new clothes, food and a cell phone. She didn’t question him though because he kept to himself most of the time in his provided room or out and about. She didn’t know where he went during the days, but when he returned home he would greet her kindly then retire to his room. All she found out about him was his name ,his age of twenty two, and that he had been on a boat headed for Naomi island the day she found him. But the boat had crashed, and he had washed up here. He hadn’t told Willow why he was headed towards Naomi, nor whom he was with, claiming he couldn’t remember.  There was something off about him despite his kind, protective exterior. Sometimes she caught him starring at her- no, through her.

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  'Serpent in the Sea 2' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: Jan. 9, 2011
Date published: Jan. 9, 2011
Comments: 0
Tags: beach, mystery, ocean, serpent, willow
Word Count: 861
Times Read: 335
Story Length: 2
Children Rank: 2.9/5.0 (1 votes)