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Terra - Book I (Chapter 2 Reunions cont.)  by Shemara

     “Thank you all for you kindness.  I will never forget you.  And someday I will return.”, she smiled sweetly.

     “I know my child….I know.”, the elder stated.

She closed her eyes concentrating on her friends since she felt it was they who needed her the most.  And in so doing her body began to evaporate in a cloud of mist before their eyes.  A small wind came and blew the mist away leaving behind a trail of dew drops, the only piece of evidence she was ever there.

Once her essence had disappeared from their world the elder began to speak.

     “You are very trusting of her with your mourdo (mwur-doe). As you must well know the mourdo of a Mergosion is as sacred as his inner most life force.”, the elder stated.

     “I know, but I sense that she is the daughter of elders light, the one of whom we have so long awaited; therefore, my mourdo could be in no safer hands elder Nam (nahm)than hers. She is the one of whom the prophesy speaks.”, he stated.

     “How can you be certain when the parables are still unfolding?”, Elder Nam questioned.

     “Though I feel you know the answer to this question elder, I tell you I know because my inner han tells me so.”, he smiled.

     “I am proud of you my son, you are learning quickly. When my time of rebirth comes you will be fit to lead our people into the new dawn.”, Elder Nam smiled.

     “Thank you father.”, he smiled back.

     “I take it she also does not know your other self is the same.”, he stated.

     “No she does not. With the threat of the nameless ones I dared not reveal my identity to her.”, he stated.

     “A wise decision until she learns to control her Kree.”, he states.

Meanwhile back in the forest of Ill Will:

The vine roots that latched hold to her began to shrivel as she begins to come to in its grip.  It is only moments before her eyes slowly flutter open and the vine roots which had entangled her and begun entangling her friends burst into flames. Though oddly enough the fire that engulfed them did not harm her friends for it was more of the energy from her thrown back at them that caused them to disintegrate into flames of ash. She sat up slowly and stretched as though she had just taken a short nap.  As she looked around she noticed both of her friends were there.  Alex awoke with a start his eyes glancing around him wildly to make sure that he truly was awake and that he were not still in the grip of the vine roots. Beebop shook his head quickly as if shaking off sleep that were trying to come over him, then he two jumped back realizing that he was almost in the vine roots power.

     “Alex…..Beebop…”, she smiled widely at them both looking very much like a child who had just received a present he wanted.

     “Terra?”, Alex questioned still not quite ready to believe he were free.

     “Yeeeeees.”, she smiled.

     “Terra!”, Beebop shouted and grabbed her pulling her into a bearhug.  “I’m sorry I left you can you ever forgive me.”, he said sounding almost boy like.

     “Dude get a grip.”, Alex said.

     “I think…..he’s got one…already. Bee….::she stifled out:: Bee..bop…tight…to…tight…can’t…breathe…”, she managed to squeeze out.

     “Pahbo let her go your killing her quicker than the vine roots.”, Alex stated with a slight frown.

     “Oh, hehe sorry about that.”, he said as he loosened his grip on her. “Sometimes I don’t know my own strength. But uhm….We really are sorry.”, he said with a hint of disappointment at himself in his voice.

     “GAH! Speak for yourself. The way I see it I have nothing to be sorry about.  We came back for you didn’t we?  Honestly you should be thanking us. Otherwise you’d have still been trapped there. Heck you might even be dead by now.”, he smirked.

Terra knew that despite Alex’s cold demeanor he was just as happy to see her. But since she knew he hated the mushy stuff she decided that this time it was worth it. After all they were in the wrong, so technically he couldn’t say or do a thing to her.

     “Awww….Alex…I’m just so touched.  I had no idea you cared so deeply.  Look at you trying to mask your feelings of pain behind your gruff façade.  You are so brave. I love you man.”, she teased and then put the icing on the cake by jumping up at him and grabbing him in a bear hug of her own.

Beebop was taken aback to this at first…but after he had calmed down he started to grin slowly, before a sly smile was spread full across his face.  He knew this was killing Alex and at any moment he would break.

It had started; his eyes were no longer the calm brown that they usually were with his cryptic demeanor….they had turned to a bright auburn.

     “Yes fine whatever get off….now….gnnnnn….let….me….go…..”, he growled lowly knowing that she was in every right to do what she did and that he probably deserved it but the thought of her touching his beloved personage, especially without his permission was just too much.

     “GET Off!”, he shouted peeling her arms off from around him like she were some type of sticky, nasty article of clothing or something he did not want to touch.

     “You’re safe everybody’s fine, enough with the touchy crap….Kwango you’re like some type of annoying lil sister.”, he frowned.

She allowed herself to be pulled off of him but not before leaving him with a final gift she knew only he would appreciate. She batted her eyes at him innocently.

     “Euuuhggg….I’m gonna be sick. Stop that.”, he frowned.

Beebop could hardly control himself for much longer he was ready to burst with laughter at the scene unfolding in front of his eyes.

Terra licked her lips and made like she was gonna kiss him.

     “Oh CRuCK! The kiss of death….Heck no!”, he frowned and got ready to throw her but it was too late.

She used that moment of distraction to bring her arm back and give him a nice round house to his right jaw.

     “Owww.”, she flinched and shook her hand all the while still smiling at him with a slight frown.

He stared at her in shock for a moment as his hand went up briefly to rub his jaw.  A small smirk came to his lips and then a heavy chuckle left his mouth to erupt upon their ears.

     “Welcome back lil widow.”, he called her mostly because she seemed like such a small frail thing but she had plenty of bite when she wanted it.

     “Thanks stoney.”, she teased.

     “You two are too much.”, Beebop stated recovering slowly from his laughing fit.

     “And if you two clunk heads ever try to leave me again I promise you the next time will be much worse.”, she frowned slightly before letting that impish childlike smile spread back across her face.

     “Alright let’s go.”, she smiled.

Alex just shook his head, gathered up his gear and started walking off. Beebop grabbed his gear as well and quickly headed off with Terra skipping along behind them.

     “Sometimes I don’t know if you’re a grown woman or just some lil sprout.”, Beebop chuckled.

     “I’m both.”, she grinned.

     “I’m sure….So where we headed to now man?”, Beebop questioned.

     “Well we still have to find the trail that leads to the under dwelling of the Kreel.  And from there the city of lightening slivers.  Afterwards hopefully we’ll have the trail for Laupuli or some clue that will lead us in the general direction the rest of the way.”, Alex stated.

     “Well, to the Kreel.”, she grinned.

     “Tally hoe!”, Beebop grinned throwing his arm up in the air idiotically.

     “Pahbos..::shakes his head::I can’t believe I’m dealing with a couple of lame idiots as you two.”, he stated with a slight frown but there was no malice behind it.

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