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Bloody letters / Chapter 1 - Voronevski , Georgiev , Soier / Part 1  by Shaa

           It started from the eighth floor, where there was a wooden door that had a sign "26. Soier. " At the door stood a man with a hat, his face is not visible, but his clothes showed that courier.
           The door suddenly opened and left another man. He was a rebellious blond hair that stuck out in all directions, his eyes were gray and as deep as the sky before the rain. His skin was dry and white, showed her that this man not sleepy lately. He was twenty-three years, and his shirt was so old and dirty that barely relied on it the inscription "My life sucks."
-Are you Lyukas Soier? - Timidly asked the messenger, his tone in his treatments, that was new to the craft.
Again, I got a letter? - Does Luke asked, without any emotion, because he had already received five letters a week - Give it here. Where do I sign?
Courier letter gave Luke his light longed day and walked away with a quick step.
After Luke went even longer red in the empty hallway, he grabbed the phone and started dialing.
-Hello, I'm me. I received another letter ... - He said, his face can be read how confused he was actually - no, I did not read more ... Yes, it will show ... Well, I heard.
           Connection fails, he thought and began to contemplate the black spot on the otherwise clean wall until something disturbed him - the sound of the room, the only room in his apartment. He jumped in his mind's imagination run wild as a tornado and a fast pace made for this room. When he walked no one, Luke seemed disappointed at the same time relaxed.
The room was nearly empty, there was only black sofa, small table and a chair beside her. On the table was a cup of coffee nedoizpito in all their obvious that Luke lived alone.
             After exactly two minutes clear sky darkened. The room came darkness.
-Open it ... open it ... -Whisper was heard from all sides, from every point of the room. Luke looked at his hand that held the letter, but could not do anything - You do not understand ... open it ...
Luke mute, his eyes read "FEAR". He thought he was crazy, but after a moment the sky back to your old color, sun lit room.

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  'Bloody letters / Chapter 1 - Voronevski , Georgiev , Soier / Part 1' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: Nov. 21, 2011
Date published: Nov. 21, 2011
Comments: 1
Tags: drama, fantasy, mystery
Word Count: 482
Times Read: 317
Story Length: 1