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Memories Chapter 3  by Ryona

Saki exited the gym. She saw Ryu froze in place. "Hey Ryu, are you okay?" she asked. He didn't answer. "Ryu?!" She said and ran infront of him. She waved his hand infront of him. He blinked. "Ugh," he said. "Thank goodness," said Saki with a sigh. "Huh?" asked Ryu. "You were frozen in place for some reason," she said. "Y-Yeah, I guess I was," he said. His eyes sidetracked to the door where that student entered. "Ryu, what are ya thinking about?" asked Saki. "Oh nothing," he said. "We'd better get back to class," said Ryu. Katrina burst through the doors. "I demand a rematch!" said Katrina, very angry. Ryu shrugged. "Okay, today?" asked Ryu. "Today! You'll get pay back for what you did," said Katrina. "OK," said Ryu. He walked back to class along with Saki.
They were in math class. "Ryu, I'm giving you a hard problem here," said the math teacher. The math teacher for this school was VERY strict. She have him a piece of paper that said:

Esther drove to work in the morning at an average speed of 45 miles per hour. She returned home in the evening along the same route and averaged 30 miles per hour. If Esther spent a total of one hour commuting to and from work, how many miles did Esther drive to work in the morning?

Ryu answered very quickly. "If you wanted the whole trip distance, it would be 36 miles. If you didn't it would be 18 miles," The teacher nodded. "You are right,"


After giving Ryu so many hard problems that he got right, the bell finally rang. School was out. Ryu went back to his abandonded building and changed. Then he went back to sleep.

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Date created: April 15, 2012
Date published: April 15, 2012
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Tags: stuff
Word Count: 328
Times Read: 333
Story Length: 13
Children Rank: 2.9/5.0 (1 votes)
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