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A Penny For Your Thoughts Ch. 4  by Remus661

            Her body hung there, its form slowly swaying in rhythm to her favorite song. She watched herself for some time, her face dispassionate. Blood from her mouth had found its way down her body; it quietly dripped on the floor from one of her toes.

She looked over at Carmichael, who sat, face buried into his hands, sobbing. His younger deputy stood off to the side, bewildered. He couldn’t tell what amazed him more: the hanged her or that his commanding officer wept like a babe upon the sight.

Neither had made the effort to call for backup.

Her pale white dress whispering as it rustled about her legs, she walked over to the broken man and laid her cool, transparent fingers on his shoulder. Carmichael let out a shuddering gasp. She stared down at him, her hair falling about her face in snaky black locks. She sighed, her breath revealing itself as a silent whisper.

There was nothing she could do for him now. It was too late to go back.

The gong of a bell, its voice rich and deep, sounded behind her.

She turned to look behind her, only to find herself racing through the wooded outskirts of the city, her shadowed figure slipping through the trees as it kept pace with a figure running parallel to her.

She looked into her husband’s face.

Unaware of her own movement, she watched him as they both glided through the small path that winded between the undergrowth.

He tripped and fell.

She paused, watching him silently as he lay upon the dirt and dust, lungs heaving for breath.

Something stirred within her.

Pity, anger, sorrow; emotions of the past distantly touched her mind before sinking back into the depths of the river Lethe.

She watched tears slip down his cheeks as he got up and dragged himself forward, determined to keep running.

Another emotion stirred from the riverbed of forgetfulness, its feeble emotion dimly swimming into her mind.


The bell tolled again, its sinking note filling valley and hill and her.

She looked behind her.

The first rays of light had begun to dawn, bathing the hills that surrounded her city in a warm glow.

She stared into the sun as it slowly rose from its inky grave, new life radiating from it.

Quietly, a hand gloved in the blackest of leather reached out from behind and touched her white shoulder, reminding her of her duty. She turned to glance at he who nodded at her solemnly, his tailored black coat and matching top hat effectively marking his timeless features.

Silently, he gestured to the darkness that hand begun to creep away with the sun’s approach.

She nodded, turning away from the sun to join him.

Before slipping into the final, eternal darkness over which he ruled, she gave one last look back at her beloved.

Then, looking to the dark, she let her heart slip into the Lethe as she followed him, her figure fading into forever.

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Date created: Jan. 12, 2008
Date published: Jan. 12, 2008
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Word Count: 1174
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