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A Warning to the Heartless  by Raivick

As if it was you, the one you thought I loved. Nothing but a lie, a whispered in that pale little ear of yours. Your love would never satisfy my thirst for what we call pleasure or love. The anger is what I leave you with, the hate that you’ve left in a huge putrid pile within my heart. The alcohol, though sharp and cleansing, does not wash it away, but spreads it deeper within my soul.

You thought you could change me? Make me see the good in life? Ha! Death is the only thing that makes sense anymore, and I will serve it fresh to everyone willing. You cross my path, I will deliver your fate. My face will wrinkle in disgust as your foul unworthy blood sprays my arms and clothes, resting where it belongs as a pool under my feet.

Though I need no blade to kill you, human, the sound of your flesh tearing at my blade burns a fire within my loins. This is why I fell from heaven…why I love the ways of evil. You think you know who I am, yet you look past me when I walk among you. You smile and assume I’m just another sheep of your Sheppard. Yes. I am the wolf, or rather the pack from which your fear is risen.

This is not a warning, but a prophecy to those who feel they are righteous and perfect in every little way. Who look at me and smile that same smile like you think that everything is so scrumptious and god willing. Who laugh and point at my flaws like you have none of your own, like you’re a better person than I. I may not be as gifted as you, but my blade says different. You want to hurt me, you want to judge me for your own pleasure and self justification…I’ll rid the world of your stupid ****. I’ll banish the pain you throw at others that you use so carelessly and I will show you where your blood belongs…

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Date created: March 5, 2008
Date published: March 5, 2008
Comments: 1
Word Count: 366
Times Read: 638
Story Length: 1