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Chapter Nine  by Rain_Crystal


Chapter Nine


A strong, electrifying tension rises in the air as Tolace and Ethra glare heatedly at each other, sparks practically flying everywhere.

“How did you manage to escape Maiaya? Aren't you supposed to be the good little boy? Just stay in place and wait for your time to be up?” Tolace asks, sounding casual but eyes still locked in a deadly glare with Ethra.

“The same way you did.” Ethras eyes narrow a bit more, hatred obvious, “Through the 'hole-in-the-wall'.”

“I thought they would have fixed that by now...” Tolace replies, all nonchalant.

“Why are you back?” Ethra continues to glare, the tension in the air about ready to start a fire.

“Am I not allowed to see my friends? It has been a long time-” Ethra jumps down form the window sill and in a flash he's pushed Tolace against a wall, by the throat, a jolt of lighting coming from outside, clouds rolling in.

“No. You’re not.” Ethra continues his glare, tightening his grip on Tolace, who smirks and then melts into a puddle of a blue liquid, unknown what it is exactly. Ethra takes a step back, surprised at the shape shift.
“Ah-HA!” Tolace's voice rings out from what seems like all directions, but Ethra manages to trace it and looks back up to the window he fell from, Tolace standing where he once was. “You're as weak as ever, little brother. How is it that we are related by blood? Perhaps I just got all the power, while you got nothing.“ He chuckles, “I'll be back to finish my business. Adieu!” He turns out the window and jumps, going out of sight, not a thump to be heard, though if silent enough rustling leaves could be. And it was. Silent enough. There's only six in the ball room now. Teddy, The Prince- Rowen, Ethra, Amanda, Catherine, and Cayla.

“DAMMIT!” Rings out, breaking the silence, as does the cracking of a wall, as Ethra shouts and punches the nearest wall, clearly frustrated.

“Ah-achoo!” A cute, little squeaky sneeze is heard. All eyes slide to Amanda, who just frowns and looks at her drenched dress. “I worked so hard on this too.”

Everyone looks at her before Teddy breaks out a grin and soon the mood half lightens for a moment, but Cayla looks at Ethra, a sort of wonder in her eyes. Who is he and how did he get here?


The six of them sit down on the grand stairway, waiting for Ethra to start telling some sort of tale, or give some sort of explanation as to what is happening, why, and how it all started. But first, everyone sort of calms down. A peaceful period after everything that has happened, in so short a time. After a few moments the group turns to Ethra for the explanation. He takes a breath and speaks.

“Well---- Hi. Um. My name is Ethra. And even if you all have no idea who I am, I know who you are. The Prince, Rowen, his most trusted adviser Theodore, and the three who will save the world, Ame, Gem, and Moon.” Everyone looked at each person as the names were said, though Teddy remained confused. “I don't know how to begin, but I'll try. See, this battle actually started a thousand years ago-”
“A THOUSAND YEARS!?” The girls, plus Teddy, yell, shocked, while the Prince remained calm, as if in a meeting of some kind.

“-- Yes. A thousand years- I would appreciate no interruptions.” He looks around the group then continues, “A thousand years ago when Dante Micheal Rowen was the Prince and heir to the throne of city--- to the entire Kingdom, a horrible evil was let loose. I understand this all sounds so... fairy tale like, but what is this life but a fairy tale? Granted so far it hasn't had exactly a 'happy' ending, but it will get better. After I unlock your memories, after I show you the powers you still have.-- Anyway, the evil that was let loose found its way to my----.... I hate saying this, but to my older brother. It manipulated his mind, telling him things that aren't true. Of course he had learned just the year before that he had magical powers. Maiaya was created BECAUSE of Tolace, they didn't have any holds on him, so they held just a few lessons at the castle-- here to prepare the people here for anything. He wasn't the evil sort, but after he learned a couple of black magic spells it all went downhill. Fast.

“I didn't want to believe that my brother was evil at the time, and I don't actually have magic powers, I'm using this.” He reaches for the chain around his neck and when he pulls it up there's a glowing, white-green crystal, though no one can tell what the crystal is. “It's a special Vin Crystal, usually used only for magic acts for the royals and nobles entertainment, I'm sorry if this offends the prince, but this one I--- I actually stole this one from Maiaya a couple years back.... It's why I was there in the first place. Um. Anyway, I didn't want to believe it and wanted to learn white magic, to show them he is doing the RIGHT thing. When they showed me some of it I realized the truth. At the time Ame, Gem, and Moon were traveling from their recently destroyed homes, thanks to Tolace, to--- Well, somewhere even remotely safe. But nowhere was safe. I met them as they were passing through my town. I knew instantly something was special about them-- about you.” Ethra looks at the three girls, while it seems like the air is full of mystery, nothing stops anyone from noticing a split second linger on Cayla when his eyes meet hers. “I knew it instantly. And when I started talking to you, telling you something was going to happen and you three would be in the middle of it, you laughed at me.” He smiles a bit, “And it was laughable the way I said it. I sounded like a crazy person. But when Cerulean saw me she knew it too. She convinced Ame first, who convinced the others that something was going to happen, and that you all should probably train in something other than lady work.

“Gem already had a head start, helping her older, twin brother train to become a soldier, to guard the prince. Her.... twin brother was lost in the fire at their home town however.” There's a pause, a moment of silence for those lost who are remembered, but not by those it should be most important to. “... So.... Gem helped train Ame and Moon, but it wasn't enough. I managed to get them more help, from Prince Dante in fact. He... sort of owed me after a little incident. Anyway, they got the proper training they needed. And I know they still have that knowledge, it's just locked up after a thousand years of not knowing, of having no memories.” Ethra just sort of stops there, as if he had nothing more to say.

“So..... Wait, I trained them?-- Only a little, but I did?” Catherine asks, sound incredulous.

“--- What? No. GEM did.” Ethra says, pointing to Amanda.

“What?” She, Amanda, squeaks out.

“Tolace said I'm Gem.” Catherine points out.

“He said that? But no. She is. Your Moon. And she-- Your Ame. Is that the name he told you?” He points to the girls as he speaks, Catherine and Amanda shake their heads 'no' while Cayla nods. “One out of three. So you have gotten the wrong names.” Ethra says, seeming a bit thoughtful.

“Just two.” Cayla says, slowly boiling up to an anger.

“How could he mess us up? I mean, just look at our skin color.” Amanda holds her arm out next to Catherine's, showing the contrast between her pale, almost blue skin color and Catherine's well-tanned, Asian color.

“I'm not sure.” Ethra pauses a moment in thought, “One theory could be that since he took her emotions last time he can see her more clearly, he remembers her better.”

“-- Took her emotions?” Teddy asks, everyone just looking at Ethra.

“-- I... don't really want to explain this, but it seems I don't have any choice. You see, last time, when the battle ended, Tolace 'losing', he---.... Let me try again. Gem wasn't actually as guarded against her feelings as she initially thought she was. And like most women she fell in love with the bad guy. With Tolace.” Everyone's eyes skim over to Amanda, who is blushing a bright red, then back to Ethra, “And he took advantage of that. He told her lies about how he had changed, about how he had lost the will to be evil.... because of her beauty, charm, and her, and I quote, 'Delicate, yet firework inducing smile'.” Catherine's mouth twitches a bit, then she snorts, while Teddy shakes his head, Rowen sort of sighs and chuckles, Amanda blushes a deeper red, looking more and more like a cherry, and Cayla just blinks.

“That is the lamest thing I have ever heard. Teddy, you are never to repeat that. Got it?” He nods a bit, smiling.

“Yeah, well he then put a golden locket around her neck, 'proving' their love, it was 'gold' and heart shaped.” Ethra rolled his eyes a bit then continued, “All it really did was turn her into a mindless slave that would do anything for him. All he had to do was say the word and she was there in a heartbeat. He did 'try' to act nice and changed, for about ten minutes, then it all went downhill. He managed to get me away from you three for a while, I don't actually remember what he said to make me separate from you, but whatever it was, I'm not falling for it again. Anyway, Ame got the locket off of Gem, tossed it to Moon who tossed it into a fire that Tolace made for some sort of ritual. Gem sort of slumped to the ground, not use to having control over herself after about a month’s time of having that locket on. He said it wouldn't do anything, taking the locket off of her, tossing it into a fire, so I cast a burning spell on him. In a last ditch attempt to make Gem his slave forever he sent a blue orb, much like the one before, probably the same one, at her, but Ame got in the way and took it instead, losing all her emotions. If someone is nothing but an empty husk they are going to be controlled by others. She..... Well, I'll tell the rest later.” Ethra finishes the short tale, looking at them.

“...” Cayla waits a moment then stands up, her heels kicked off long ago, then she says, well, yells, what is on her mind. “My parents called me, named me, Cayla. Why do I suddenly have another name!?”

“It's not sudden, you've had the name for a thousand years.” Ethra states, calmly.

“It's sudden to me! I didn't know about any of this- I don't know about any of this!” She starts crying a bit, “If these are supposed to be apart of my memories WHY don't I remember anything that your saying!? It's not fair that you’re the only one here who knows any of this! You and- and TOLACE are probably just messing with us! You’re both magic users and your just trying to get some fun out of us! I don't know why but it isn't funny! And it isn't fair!” Cayla hides her crying face behind her hands, trying to calm down.

“... Ame-”
“CAYLA! MY NAME IS CAYLA!” She shouts, slightly muffled, from behind her hands.

“--- Cayla. Please, calm down-”
“Then how did you know it wasn't Ethra? How did you know it was Tolace?” Teddy asks.

“------------------------------- I-- I.......” A sinking feeling of being in the wrong appears in Cayla's stomach, knowing she did have some sort of memory or vision or something about it. And she wishes she hadn't.

“Have you guys met Cerulean yet?” Ethra changes the subject after Cayla just sits down, pouting, wallowing in self-pity.

“Well, me and Cathi have.” Amanda looks over at Catherine, who nods.

“Okay, so why isn't she HERE? She should be with you! This is a horrible start.” Ethra stands up, everyone follows suit, besides Cayla.

“She was with some guy...... He had two differently colored eyes, blue and silver. Who is he?” Catherine asks.

“You've met him? Already?” Ethra looks a bit shocked.

“Um.... Not really. He just kind of popped up out of nowhere with the faery...” Amanda says, not explaining anything.

“His name is Silva, and he's important in this.... Quest.” He decides to call it.

“What about me and His Highness? What will we do?” Teddy asks.

“You’re both coming with us. The more, the better chance we have of doing something worthwhile. The prince has the power and you have quite a bit of knowledge, I'm sure. But we need to see Silva, where is he?” Ethra asks. No one says a word. “No one knows? Great. Perfect start.” And with that he sat down again, along with everyone else, to come up with a plan to Silva, no one knowing where to start.



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