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Chapter Two  by Rain_Crystal

Chapter Two


“Secret meaning? What do you mean?” Amanda sniffles and pulls away from Cayla slightly and looks up at her.

“I don't know like... it'll become some sort of acronym or something.... Assuming they all begin with the letters M, G, A, E, and with a bit of creative moving around of the letters I come up with M.A.G.E., assuming that we have magical powers this could be really cool! Maybe we should make a group about this.” Cayla says.

“I hope we don't have magical powers, as cool as it could be.” Catherine crosses her arms, and just looks at the two. Cayla stands up, noticing that Amanda is no longer crying, she walks around the tree.
“Why-- Oh, right... Maiaya.” Amanda says, looking down at the ground.

“Shouldn't he be there? If he has magical powers he should be there, doing whatever it is Magic Users do.” Catherine points out, she looks at her hand, the willow leaf shaped mark still there, she sighs. “At least I'll have a cool shaped scar.”

Maiaya is a well known tower. All those who show potential in the magical arts are sent there. No one outside the tower know what goes on inside the tower. There are rumors that they torture the poor people, that they just kill them, that they use magic themselves and dumb them down or even just steal their powers to get more powerful. How these rumors started no one knows, but what everyone knows is that it's perfectly impossible to get out.

“Even so. And no one wants to go there, that has been settled for years between us. But if something happens, shouldn't we be prepared?” Cayla makes a point.

“Just because of what that---- THAT---- OH MY F-- Just THINKING about him-- IT MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL!” Catherine clenches her fists and hits the tree trunk, hurting her hand just a bit.

“... 'My fiery love'..” Amanda giggles a bit and receives a punch in the shoulder from Catherine, “OW!” She squeaks, rubbing the spot, “That's going to bruise...”
“Humph..” Catherine turns away and starts walking away.

“I propose.” Cayla turns to them, Catherine stops in her tracks and turns and looks at Cayla, “We find this Ethra person.”

The two look at her for a moment, then at each other then they burst out laughing, Catherine laughing the hardest. Cayla waits for them to calm down, which does take a while. She sighs and taps her foot waiting.

“Laughing... why?” She asks.

“Because not only is that stupid, it's impossible. We don't know who 'Ethra' is, we don't have a face to put with a name, we know nothing. A name without a face means nothing.” Catherine explains, after calming down.

“That and it's not something we are capable of.” Amanda adds.

“... Well, why not? Why aren't we capable of finding someone?” Cayla asks, genuinely wanting to know what she thinks.

“Well--- W-- We are young, we don't know how to fight or... anything. Well, maybe Cathi does but... still, she can't just do it all alone.” Amanda tries to explain, Catherine snorts a bit when Amanda says she knows how to fight, when she doesn't really.

“Well, I propose,” Catherine starts, Cayla and Amanda turn to her, “we go home and sleep. Forgetting all about... whatever that was.”

“Oh! I agree! I'm with Cathi!” Amanda scrambles to her feet, careful of the dress, and smiles, as if ready to leave in that instant.

“Fine, we can go home and sleep, but I am not forgetting this. In fact... I think I'll write it down when I get home.” Cayla takes a step towards the two, “But I still think we should find that Ethra person.”
“NO.” Catherine and Amanda sternly say, with raised voices.

“... Meanies.” Cayla pouts a bit, but smiles at her friends anyway, they always seem to know better.

Catherine goes first to get away from the willow tree. She moves a branch away, relief flooding her mind and body when nothing happens. She moves more branches out of the way and let her two friends go first. They make their way through the garden, walking back onto the stone path, to the stone deck. The ball still being held, though none of the girls knew what time it was, they all felt tired and weak.

“It sucks that there were no cute guys.” Catherine comments putting her naturally tan arms above her head, stretching. Amanda nods her head, agreeing. Cayla makes no comment. She saw a cute guy, unfortunately he was a servant and her parents would not approve of that.

“Except one....” Amanda rethinks her answer, remembering a possible one, but only got a glimpse of him.

“Who?” Catherine gives her a puzzled look, “I was in there longer than you, there is no way--” They neared the stone deck and heard a very loud, collective gasp. The girls looked at each other then raced up the steps, best they could in heels and dresses, and looked inside, laughter and chatter all around the ball room. The girls looked completely confused.

“-- Oooookay...?” Cayla says, eyebrows knitting together in confusion.

They walk into the ballroom, straight to the edge of the crowd, but Amanda and Catherine want to see what is in the middle of the crowd, and are unable to see from so far back, as they are a bit smaller than Cayla. So they make their way through the crowd, some how managing to not hurt themselves nor anyone else, and are shocked to see who it is.

“That's him, Cathi!” Amanda says, a hand shoots to her mouth in surprise, pointing at the man in the middle of the room, “That is the one I was...... Was....” She puts both her hands to her face, blushing in embarrassment.

“Yes, dear, that is the prince. I am pleased that you know who that man is, he is very important you know.” Catherine pats Amanda's head, she pouts at the gesture while Catherine smiles at her.

Cayla watches for a moment, the raven haired man with the tan skin and green eyes making great gestures, the crowd following his every move, hanging onto his every word as if, if they didn't the whole world would fall apart. Cayla decides it's time to gather her friends and leave, so she starts to make her way through the crowd, but before she can get even a person in she is pulled back out, roughly.

“Hey!--” She turned quickly to the person who did this, glaring.

She see's, instead of a person in a dress or a suit, a figure cloaked in black. The gender impossible to tell. The figure lifts up a gloved hand, black, using one finger to make the 'Shh' sign and then point behind Cayla, towards the front hall. She stares at it a moment then turns her head in the direction of the finger. When she turns back to question it, the figure is gone. Like magic.

'Who was that?' she asks herself. Although more confused than she has ever been in her eighteen years of life, she wanders in the direction of the front doors. She realizes it is probably not the smartest idea, but she is curious as to what could be over there, besides a bunch of doors and a way out of the De Capello mansion.


“... Where is Cayla?” Catherine asks, looking around, becoming annoyed again.

“I have no idea.” Amanda starts moving to the back of the crowd again. She tries not to step on people, but in the process she manages to do the other thing she was trying to avoid-

“AAH!!”-tripping. She fell, not very gracefully, to the floor, people making a sort of circle around her, not one offering to help her up. Catherine forcefully helps her up by her elbow and practically pushes her through the crowd.

“I thought you said you had better balance in high heels.” Catherine hisses, but doesn't look at all mad.

“It's not like just because I have better balance it's completely not possible for me to trip and fall.” Amanda straightens her dress, and quickly checks her heels to make sure they are okay.

“You really should fix your balance problem.” Catherine says.

“Eh.” Amanda takes a moment to look around after checking her shoes, “Oh, I found her.” She see's a flowing, white dress heading towards the front doors.

“Are you sure that's her?”

“Positive.” Amanda starts following the figure that looks exactly like Cayla. Catherine follows after a second, feeling something might be off.

'I am never getting home and to my bed.' Catherine sighs.


Cayla walks down the hall, glancing at her surroundings every five seconds, dark brown, wooden doors engraved in gold, all the doors looking exactly the same. But half way through the hall she stops, looking to her left, at the strangest door she had ever seen.

A purple color with colorful geometric shapes surrounding it, in all sorts of colors, not in any sort of pattern though. She looked at it in admiration, for she had never seen such an oddly decorated door before, but then she becomes confused, for it seemed that the gold engraved doors seemed to be a theme. Why add an odd purple door? And why hadn't it seemed that anyone else saw it when they came in? Why didn't Amanda or Catherine point it out?

She looks at the handle, contemplating whether to open it or not. The gold looking handle taunts her, though she does not actually hear anything. In a moment of pure spontaneous, 'what the hell', like thinking, she reaches for the handle. Cayla doesn't believe there is anything important in there anyway, probably just a closet. But then, why decorate a closet as such?

“I wouldn't do that if I were you.” A voice says, then the sound of an apple being bitten into is heard, an echoing sort of sound in the empty hallway.

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