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"M.A.G.E.S. Prolouge"

M.A.G.E.S. Chapter One  by Rain_Crystal

Chapter One


A young woman with shoulder length blonde, curly hair and silver-blue eyes, hidden behind thick, tortoise colored glasses, is sitting under a willow tree. The dark night, usually frightening and loud, is quiet and serene. The cicadas don't dare make a noise, crickets and frogs at a loss for words. The young woman smooths her black and purple dress, made especially for this day, now probably slightly dirty thanks to the ground. Her matching shoes off and feet sore. She had been so excited about the ball. Had she have known who would be there she would have refused.

“It's just like daddy to say I can go to a ball with my friends, alone, and then arrive anyway saying it's a coincidence.” She sighs, looking up at the leaves, able to see a few stars. A warm enough night to not need a jacket. “Every night should be just like this one. With the exception of my dad anyway.” She pouts a bit then looks back at her lap, smiling at the memory of a tipsy man hitting on her just fifteen minutes before. “Men are weird.” She then realizes she's speaking a loud to herself and blushes and looks around quickly, hoping no one heard her.

But someone was, she just couldn't see him.


The white dress flows out as the girl spins once, hand in another, dancing. She giggles and sways with the man. Her waist long brown hair falling back into place, her hazel eyes all lit up. She pushes her glasses up and just smiles at the man, who bows to her when the song ends. She curtsies.

She wanders back to her place as a wall flower and notices something off. She looks around and see's Catherine, but she doesn't see Amanda. As her friend she feels she must find her. But just as she's about to go searching two rather drunk men stop her and start calling her 'pretty' and 'beautiful'. She blushes at the comments and waves them off, after all, they don't know what beauty is. But she does.

Her friend Amanda with her beautiful pink-ish lips and her curly blond hair. Then her friend since a young age, Catherine, with her now absolutely black hair and her brown eyes with one that is slightly lighter than the other, though you have to look closely in order to see this, are the beauties that man cannot seem to see. Unless drunk it seems.

She manages to step away from the drunk men and work her way out the double doors to the garden, taking a breath of fresh air. She turns back to the party and just does not see Amanda, it would be blatantly obvious if she were there. Where could she possibly be? She looks up at the mansion and prays her friend isn't somewhere inside.


Catherine sips her water, her black hair tied up into a beautiful Angel-Do. Her brown colored eyes scanning the room, checking off in her head a list of all the girls and their chosen outfits for this ball. She sighs as she unhappily notices two people missing. The two who had forced her to be here when all she wanted was to be home to sleep. She sets down her drink and walks into the crowd, thinking she saw Cayla head towards the double doors to the garden.

'And it's their fault I am here when I could be at home sleeping or doing... Well, not THIS. It's so boring, and all the guys are getting drunk too.' Catherine becomes increasingly annoyed, 'Where are they?'

Her green dress clings to her front but flows in the back, her high-heels clicking against the wooden tiled floor. She finally makes it through the crowd, and sure enough, Cayla is there, looking around, but not leaving the stone deck. She taps Cayla's shoulder and smiles at the reaction.

“Ahh!!” Cayla jumps up. She turns around, shock written all over her face. She relaxes a bit and glares at Catherine. “Did you have to scare me?”

“Sorry, should I have said something instead? Maybe I should have said 'Boo'.” Catherine smirks a bit, Cayla scoffs, arms crossed, glaring at Catherine still.

“Whatever, have you seen Amanda?” Cayla drops her arms and stops glaring, now looking confused.

Catherine shakes her head. Cayla looks into the dance room again before looking back out to the garden. She looks at Catherine who shrugs and they begin their 'quest' to find their friend, who shouldn't be too far off. Knowing she should be there if anywhere.

The girl in the black and purple dress stands up and dusts off whatever she can, happily noting there shall not be a stain on her dress tonight. She moves around the tree and sees Cayla and Catherine, Cayla holding her shoes, Catherine giving a bored look.

“May I? Cinderella?” Cayla kneels down and holds out Amanda’s left shoe.

Amanda giggles, puts her hand on the tree trunk, for balance, and puts her foot into the shoe. She blushes a bit, but it disappears when Catherine snatches the other shoe from Cayla and picks up Amanda’s right foot and forcefully puts it into the shoe. Amanda almost falls backwards, but thanks to the tree trunk she manages to stay up right. They all look at each other for a moment then giggle, Catherine gives a sort of 'humph'. Cayla gets up, with some help from Catherine, and they start on their way back, Catherine in front. Catherine makes a motion to move a willow branch out of the way only to be shocked.

“AH!” She jumps back, cradling her left, shocked hand in her right one.

“Catherine?” Cayla asks, taking a step forward.

Catherine looks at her hand, a willow leaf shaped mark on the side of her hand. A deep laugh is heard, coming from all around them. They group together, in a circle, their backs to each other, looking around to find the source. Amanda shaking a bit, Catherine annoyed, and Cayla trying to be calm but completely afraid on the inside.

“I cannot believe I have three fourths of my rivals. I was unsure if this girl was the correct one at first, but the more I watched her, the more I realized just what I was up against. Weaklings.” A voice sounds out.

“Who are you!? What do you want with us?” Catherine shouts out into nothingness.

“Have you forgotten me? Already? What a shame, I had never forgot any of you for a moment.” The voice says.

“Is this another suitor?” Cayla whispers harshly to Catherine, who shakes her head no.

“SHOW YOURSELF!” Catherine calls out.

“Not a bad idea. But then you would get a shot at me, and that isn't fair. How about I make it fair?”

Large, thick vines shoot out from the ground and separate the girls. Cayla tries to hold Amanda’s hand to keep her close, only to be pulled away. Catherine struggles against the vines, trying to get out. Amanda starts tearing up, ready to cry.

“Now that's better. Don't you think?” A bright light appears, the girls having to close their eyes, and when they open them a man is standing in front of them.

Shoulder length, straight cut silver hair, a few silver earrings in each ear, and piercing ocean blue eyes. A black jacket, open, and a white shirt, open a couple buttons down to give a view of the collar bone and a hint of chest, and matching black pants. The girls couldn't say he looked familiar, but what none of them would say is that he did look cute.

“My name is Tolace, it's a pleasure to see you all again.” The man, Tolace, gives a large, over the top bow. Catherine wanted nothing more at that moment then to slap that smirk off his face.

“We don't know anyone by that name.” Catherine hisses, and struggles a bit more, to no avail.

“Hmm... I am certain I was watching Moon this entire time.” He puts a pale hand to his chin, seeming amused yet confused.

“--- Moon?” Cayla asks and looks at Amanda, the only one who was out here.

“That isn't me.” She denies, red in the face. Tolace moves closer to Amanda, who looks surprised and struggles a tiny bit before stopping and just seeming really frightened. He puts his hand under her chin and brings her face closer to his. He turns her head, tips it, and then smirks.

“You are definitely Moon.” He says, “You look cute in glasses too.” His eyes twinkle a bit. Amanda stares at him for a moment then blushes bright red and tries to look away. Tolace let's go of her and moves on to Catherine.

“My fiery love, Gem, it is so nice to see you again.” He smirks at her, while she glares with enough fire to burn down the kingdom.

“And Ame, it's so nice to see you again, pray tell, how is Ethra?” He looks at Cayla who just blinks and looks totally confused, but he waits for her to say something.

“Um...... I don't... know? I don't know anyone by that name...” Cayla says.

“I suppose you haven't met him yet. But I'm sure you will soon enough. But your eyes haven't lost their beauty, I am happy about this.” Cayla blushes a tiny bit but shakes it off.

“Thank you.” She simply says.

“THANK YOU!?” Catherine snaps, “WHAT THE HELL!?”

“I should mention-- No, I shouldn't. I wish you a very short life.” He bows again and leaves, the willow branches not stopping him.

After a moment the vines let go of them, they fall to the hard, cold grass, and go back into the ground, leaving holes in the earth. They just stay still for a moment then Amanda bursts out crying and Catherine starts cursing. Cayla looks between the two and crawls over to Amanda and lets her cry.

“I CAN'T BELIEVE HIM! I MEAN... DAMN HIM!” Catherine shouts out, pulling some grass out and tossing it, though it just flutters to the ground again.

“What was with those names? I mean... I've only used Ame in stories that I've written and even then I change the name up sometimes anyway.” Cayla mentions, sounding more clam than her shaken up insides. Cayla starts soothing Amanda's now, slightly, messed up hair, also calming the cowering, crying girl.

“Why are you so calm!?” Catherine exclaims.

“First off, I liked the compliment, though by an evil being, second neither of you are calm and someone has to be.” She answers, moving a piece of Amanda’s hair.

“--- YOU!--- YOU!--- AGH!” Catherine throws her hands up.

“Gem.... Neat name. I wonder if the names have some sort of secret meaning...” Cayla starts some sort of mental math in her head, while Catherine fumes and Amanda slowly stops crying.

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