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Chapter Four  by Rain_Crystal

Chapter Four


The next day Amanda put her plan into action. All morning she ignored her father thoroughly, making sure not to utter a word to him. He was begging on his knees to have her forgive him by noon.

Her father loves her more than anything else, she is his only child, and he is almost unwilling to have her marry. He is caring, but is very over protective to Amanda, the reason he went to the ball despite what he had said. He told her, early in the ignoring, that he considered sending someone in his place, but no one was reliable enough. She didn't say anything to him, not even a sound.

Catherine spent the morning working on the family farm. Usually she wouldn't, since her mother doesn't approve, but very little help was going to come today, so she had to help. Being the eldest out of two sisters, she got all the grunt work while her sister would sit and learn all the womanly things that she would 'need to know'.

Her family would hire help for the day, since they cannot be sure how much money they will have to get a months or even a week's worth of help. There are days when they cannot afford any extra help and it's just Catherine and her father working the fields. Sometimes they would get help from a neighbor, but not often enough.

Cayla had left early in the morning to go to Amanda's house, since her family didn't need help in the shop from her today. Her family owns a general store, which has miscellaneous items usually, and her little brother tends to do all the work. Cayla herself is not particularly good at anything, but she enjoys writing. Amanda does everything that requires needle work, from knitting to embroidery, and Catherine is usually doing whatever her parents tell her to do, which is to meet suitors. She has rejected all of them so far.

Around Eight in the morning Cayla arrived at Amanda's house, and noticed in just a couple of minutes being in their house that something was happening between Amanda and her father. It dawned on her a second later that he was being ignored. Cayla, however, was nice to the man and said 'good morning', and did all the polite things one does when with a friend's father, or any man really.

By midday Cayla and Amanda were working on some needle work. Amanda making a beautiful dress and Cayla trying to embroider a handkerchief, a sunflower. She, Cayla, paused many times to watch Amanda sew little beads onto the purple-blue-gray dress. Amanda worked diligently, hardly ever looking up. When she did, Cayla was usually trying not to make mistakes.

“Oops....” Cayla says as the makes a mistake, the thin thread knotting.
“What's wrong?” Amanda puts her work down, almost done. Cayla holds up her mess, the 'sunflower' looking more like nothing but a blob of color. Amanda 'tsk's and shakes her head.
“A knot... I thought I was finally getting the hang of it too.” Cayla pouts a bit and sighs, setting her now ruined handkerchief down in her lap, her mind wandering to the man with the differently colored eyes. Silver and blue.

“Apparently you should just stick to writing. You're messing up my threads.” Amanda takes the embroidery necessities away from the girl with the clumsy hands.

“Yeah, but then I'm no good with words.” Cayla says, seeming thoughtful. Then she really looks at Amanda's creation, deep purple dress, blue-gray-purple beads stitched in a rose pattern. Amanda picks it back up and continues to work, Cayla just stares in wonder.

“How do you do it? It looks amazing. Breath taking. I wish I could do that...” Cayla admires Amanda's dress, though still incomplete.

“I hope this will look half as good to me as it does to you.” She says, smiling a bit.

“I think I should stick to making sweets, I'm actually at it. Sort of.” Cayla gives half a shrug and a halfhearted laugh, then she watches Amanda again. Amanda picking up seed beads, and some how sewing them onto the dress, even though they look impossibly small.

“Yes, you are.” Amanda says, giving a few beads a small tug to make sure they are in place.

Cayla hears the clock ding eleven times, and knows she should head home. She stands up and walks to the door, not even bothering to say goodbye to her friend. She smooths her dress, opens the door, and leaves, closing the door behind her.


Catherine finishes her half of the farm work, their extra help was going to come around noon today, so she could break or just stop until tomorrow. She was going to stop until tomorrow.

She walked into the kitchen and took out a glass and filled it with water. She basically chugged the first one, then she just took a few sips of the next while looking for lunch. She found a salad, home grown and made, and decided 'what the hell', and made herself a bowl of it. Just before she gets even a bite of it her mother calls her.

“Catherine.” Her mother's voice seems to sound from everywhere, in a commanding, calm voice.

Catherine contemplates for a moment whether or not to take the bite. But her mind is made up for her when her mother calls again, sounding a bit more strained. Catherine puts her cup and fork down and goes into the living area, though small and not exactly filled with exotic items, it serves its purpose. She stops for a moment in the door way and surveys the area. The house is immaculately clean, her mother is wearing one of her plain but elegant gowns, and there's a voice at the back of Catherine’s head telling her 'It's another suitor'.

“Yes?” Catherine takes a seat in her father's chair, the only chair used when either of them are still in their work clothes. It is clean, but it also has an air of 'I'm full of dirt!' around it. “Mom, if this is about-”
“Daren, please, come in.” A man walks in from the side porch, something Catherine failed to notice was that he was even there. He's wearing a black suit, though casually. Obvious black hair, no hint of any other color, pure ice blue eyes, the kind that make you think of the cold weather, and a pale-with-a-hint-of-tan complexion. Catherine has never seen this man before, so why does it feel like she has? And that she knows him.


Cayla stops in a shop on her way home, one that is full of herbs. She usually stops by whenever she goes to or comes back from Amanda or Catherine's house. She doesn't have any real reason to be in there, but her logic, though completely flawed, is if she's going by, she might as well see if there is anything new. Her reason is just to see the shop keeps son, who is very cute. With his chocolatey brown eyes, slightly curly brown hair, and a natural tan skin color, just thinking about him makes her jittery.

She doesn't love him, she knows that. It's just an idle fancy, while she waits for the perfect guy to come and rescue her from her dull life. Some call him Prince Charming, others call him 'Mr. Right', but to Cayla it's her soul mate. Whoever it is.

She walks around the shop, glancing at the register to see if anyone is around, but it doesn't seem like it. Then something on the shelf catches her eye. She picks up a small vial of rosemary and thinks of her mother, with her headaches and other ailments. Cayla ponders for a moment: Should she get anything else? How much is this? Well, that isn't too bad. Then she stands up straight and walks over to the register, in her most 'graceful' and 'poised' manner. She looks around a bit again and then calls out.

“Hello?” She doesn't receive an answer, but she does hear something she didn't hear before, odd noises coming from the back room. One sounds a bit like a woman giggling, the other sounds like some sort of odd growl coming from a man. Cayla tips to the side slightly, looking into the crack in the door and almost drops the vial of rosemary in her shock. She only sees the naked back of a girl with pale blond hair, but she sees the shopkeeper's son clearly. She tipped back into place and sets down the correct amount needed to pay for the rosemary then she scurries out the door.

'I cannot believe this! He seemed so nice and.... not like that. He even called me pretty the other day!' She becomes mentally distressed and unsure about what to do, 'I... How is he that type of guy? Should I tell anyone- No. It is not my secret to tell. I wonder if he will marry her...' Amidst all the commotion in her head she didn't notice someone walking next to her, but then no one else did either.

A reflection like a mirage showed itself to her, but she did not notice. Her reflection held no emotion in its eye, no smile or frown on its face, no sign of anything. But even so there was a warning in her appearance that went unnoticed, something Cayla should have heeded, should have noticed. The reflection tried to show Cayla what would happen, except suddenly it disappeared, just as soon as Cayla saw the cloaked figure again.


That was exciting, yet not. Amanda finished the dress, the beads creating the illusion of roses on the purple dress. She tried it on with the help of their maid, it fit snugly, looked slimming and very nice on her. But a memory that wouldn't unblur itself properly nagged at her.

“Moon...” she mutters, looking at the twilight sky from her room window, which lead to a balcony. She presses a hand to the window and leans her forehead on the chilly glass. She looks at her reflection in the window and frowns, she loves her work, she believes she did wonderfully, but that memory wouldn't leave her mind.

All day she was fretting over the missing memory, though it seemed Cayla was fretting over something herself. She was doing worse than usual with her embroidery. Amanda looks down, to the trees blazing with colors. The leaves changing faster than usual. If Amanda didn't know better she'd say they were changing right in front of her eyes. But she does know better. A breeze hits the trees and it looks as though the trees were on fire, going to burn down the entire house, or their lovely garden, or anything in its path.

'Fall harvest is coming up, Cathi will be really busy... Then winter and the Snow Giving Festival... Three months...' She thinks, another flash of memory, of the girls playing in the snow, happy, and then another of a girl who looks like Cayla emotionless, completely void of emotion. Catherine and some guy trying to snap her out of it, but her vision blurs.

Amanda notices that she has started to cry, but what can she do? She doesn't even know why she's crying! Because of that... memory, vision, whatever that was? That would be sad, any of them losing their emotions. But if that were a memory, why doesn't Cayla look like she does now? And she has all her emotions, and she doesn't know who that guy was. And then if it was a vision...

Amanda shakes her head and looks back up at the moon, barely showing, and she sighs. Obviously something is going to change within their small circle, or square as the case may be, of friends, but for better or worse... She wished she knew what was going to happen and could stop it. Not let it happen. Not let things become bad. But she can't. And no amount of wishing could make it happen.

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