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Chapter Two  by PsychiatricPatient

"What?" Maybel spat, her back turned away from the well where the scream had originated.

"Stop...please, I can't--no, please..." The voice sobbed, suddenly becoming muffled as they turned their face. The cries weren't loud or obnoxious, but disquieting; it was as if the person was too tired to yell or scream. Or maybe they had yelled and screamed, only to stop when no one heard them.

"I told ya. I told ya, Mamma," the girl above ground whispered in an accusing voice. She glanced down at her hands in an almost detached manner. They were drenched with a dark, ruby red color, and to Maybel, they looked purty. Curiously, she brought both hands to her nostrils and breathed the metallic smell in one inhale. She then smiled; she liked it, oh yes, she did. "See wha' he di' to Channing? Looky at 'em, Momma."

She ran to the well and glanced down. Her mamma was sprawled on the base of what used to be their drinking well. Mud and roots grew underneath her, and boy, Mamma was messy. Her hands were held together by a strong piece of rope that Maybel tied herself, yes she did. Maybel's mamma used to have flawless and white skin. But people all needed some change, and Maybel thought the cuts and bruises were nice changes. Mamma had a bloodied nose, and her neat, tidy brunette head was matted with blood. Something to do with that darn bat. "Looky at Channing, Mamma. See? See? I di' nuthin'. Charlie, ol' Charlie di' it!"

Her mamma started to cry then, and she couldn't cover her tears because of her bound hands. She couldn't kick her feet because they too were tied. She couldn't turn her head either because then she'd have her nose in the dog carcass. "No, Maybel...your father--"

"No!" Maybel slammed both hands onto the ground, and a bit of dirt and rocks fell to the bottom. She hated him, hated, hated, hated him! Her mamma let out a small scream; she could not block the rocks from hitting her. She knew her mistake and quickly corrected herself:

"Ch--Charlie di'n't do nothing, darling, no he di'n't."

 Her daughter took on such an innocent expression, as if she was truly curious. "Why, Mamma?"

"Because," she cried, sucking in bubble of breath, "you killed him."

Maybel raised her hand to her mouth, smearing her chin with red. She tilted her head to the side, and her eyes took on a manic expression. "Gosh...I did, di'n't I?"

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Date created: July 23, 2008
Date published: July 23, 2008
Comments: 6
Word Count: 525
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