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The girl in the blue dress  by Pittymenot

Numb, that’s how she felt. Numb to the very core of her being. How many days has it been? She had lost count after the first two nights of running. Everything had started out normally; the day went as it always does. She went to work, sat at her desk and waited for the eight hours to pass by like she always did. Then she went out to go dancing with the girls, the club had been packed and there was a line out the door; luckily they knew the bouncer. Just a few hours before they went out, all of the girls went shopping. It was almost like a tradition, every two weeks they would all meet up, go to the mall and buy a new outfit for the club that night. She had bought this sexy blue sequenced mini dress, it barely covered her butt, however it looked great on her and it was on clearance; she was even able to get a pair of matching heels. The club scene went as it always did; they were having fun dancing with each other and everyone else that danced with them.

                Two or three hours from the time they got there was when it happened. There was a scream from the dance floor; it was so loud that it pierced through the music. Everyone fanned out, shock, horror and fear splashed over their faces. She had been standing at the bar getting a drink while her friends had stayed to keep dancing. But when she heard the scream she wanted to see what was happening like anyone else. When she was able to push through the crowd she saw her two friends; one of them had collapsed on the dance floor with a pool of blood seeping out around her. Her other friend was crying and calling out for help, that’s when the music stopped. The lights came on and the bouncers rushed over. Everyone that had been dancing close to her was also covered in blood, her friend’s blood. She was dying right in front of them and nobody knew what to do.

                It probably wouldn’t have mattered anyway, if someone was able to help her friend. It was just a few moments after she died that it happened. Screams erupted through the building as a sea of blood and chaos broke out. The term blood bath would be the perfect description of what she witnessed. It was everywhere, spewing out into the air as their bodies fall to the floor; however she had been pushed out the doors with a crowd of panicked people.

                When they did get out to the street everyone started to run, cars were slamming into each other; running lights, hitting poles, some even hit pedestrians that ran into the street. What was happening in the club was happening outside, people were dying or being killed. It was dark though, so she couldn’t really make out what was causing this rain of blood. She didn’t stop to try and figure it out either, like everyone else she just ran.

                She had only stopped running when her legs were far too exhausted to run anymore. The only times she did pause or slow down was when she had to pee. But she was too afraid to go into any buildings, so she just peed in the allies by trash cans and cars. She had ran for so long that it seemed like she escaped whatever horrible thing was happening just a few streets over; leaving everyone else behind to die. She just focused on one thing, and that was to keep going no matter which way she went.

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  'The girl in the blue dress' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: Oct. 24, 2009
Date published: Oct. 24, 2009
Comments: 2
Tags: gore, horror, violence
Word Count: 886
Times Read: 372
Story Length: 2
Children Rank: 0.0/5.0 (1 votes)