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"The son of the sea, Captain Bleu" -> "Captain Bleu's family fate" -> "Death of Poseidon's Blade."

Lousy Wench  by Pittymenot
She really did try to stop them, I mean..she didn’t think it was a good idea at all that they set fire to the ship; then getting the idea to sail it away.. how would that work? They were women..not that women were capable of such things..but this group that she some how got tired up with..seemed to think their were so brilliant that they could out smart the pirates with years of sea experience.  But what could she do? She played along acting like a stupid land wench, its better that way you see..no need for anyone to figure out who she was! It wasn’t hard to do so either, playing stupid..mainly she remained quiet, and squealed when the other girls squealed.  However as this great idea followed, they ended up swimming with the sharks for a short amount of time, only to be ‘rescued’ by these ruthless pirates. Stuck. In little row boats with three other horrible women…wonderful she thought, purely wonderful. Months and months she was stuck with this captain and his simple crew, and the longer she was with them the more agitated she got at the stupidity of these females.. really how did she get grouped with a bunch of idiots again?? Would they ever get a real ship again? Two days longer before they reach a port she suspected and what was he going to do? Steal a ship? That would be interesting especially with the lot of blabbering women he decided to take along with him.. Hmm.. She reckoned they were heading to a fairly popular trade port..not exactly a wise idea with royal guard everywhere.  Maybe he’ll get caught and hung! Would Captain of a bunch of row boats be proud then?
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  'Lousy Wench' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: Dec. 14, 2008
Date published: Dec. 14, 2008
Comments: 1
Tags: pirates
Word Count: 482
Times Read: 390
Story Length: 1