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"First Town"

First Town: Secret Meeting  by Philosirus



“Ein, what the hell you doing?  You can get really hurt attacking people like that.”

“By who you!?  Not the way you punch sissy?”  He says laughing.

“Let’s just see then tough guy.”  I say raising my fists in fighting position.

“I am only kidding Mark, put those away.”  He says offering me a welcoming hug.

“I am glad we practice self-defense.”  I say tapping his back.

“Yeah, in turns out I was right so we may need it soon.”

“What do you mean?”

“Look I have been watching this school for a while now ever since I realized what type of control we were under thanks to the people in charge.  Yet there is something weird, perhaps this is higher up then I imagined.”

“What do you mean?”  I say bewildered by the information.

“Climb up and I will show you.”

We shimmy up the old tree posting on the branch which shots outward towards the town.  We kneel down in order not being seen as he passes me a pair of binoculars we stole from one of those patrolling cars.

“See look there!”  He whispers pointing towards the entrance of our school.

I peer at the entrance and see a number of men in black cloaks exiting the huge double doors.  A few of them remove the hoods guarding their faces, and as they do I get startled.  I see the principle and the mayor in the crowd of 12 men; the others keep their identity secret from my eyes.  Our school is the only highschool in our town; it is a gigantic cathedral, taking up a whole half mile.  There is only one religion which is preached and you are either taught to be a follower or serve in the army; or you can work all your life after you graduate. 

“Did you see them?”

“Yeah,” I say stunned at this new found knowledge.

“Can you believe that the mayor is part of it as well, this may be bigger than we both imagined.”  He states with a rather excited tone.

“This whole thing may be more than we can even comprehend Ein.”

“No, not at all.  We have only skimmed the surface of this town’s conspiracy, and I intend on finding out why this place is ruled this way.  You are with me right Mark?”
He asks putting down his binoculars and glancing back at me.

Ein and I have been friends for as long as we have been in this town and ever since we both have been dreaming of stories and reading Ein’s fathers novels that he left for him before he passed away.  Our brotherhood has been intact for years now, always having each others back and wanting something more.  He is only months older than me, with short straight brown hair that covered his blue eyes, and also has a tall slim physique.  In these novels we read stories of far away lands, infinite wisdom, and hero’s who purged their land of totalitarian rule.  And ever since our minds escaped the mundane lexical rubbish our schools and our religion feed us daily, we have been suspecting the authority of wrong doing. 

            The citizens only praise Catholicism, which we accepted at first as a norm.  Then reading other views brought us into a quandary.  Also, we are only taught certain subjects in order to be ready for our assigned jobs.  Not learning critical thinking or rational theories of argument.  The authority is always patrolling the town.  Even though the mayor speaks of them as our “protection,” they only purpose they seem to serve is to instill fear.  The internet is scoured with riddled lies that are posted by those in power, we know this by the aimless “faith” sites and the only world news is the presidents efforts to fight against evil.  Ein always suspected the head priest to be in on the whole conspiracy, this night meeting only verifies his suspicion.  He was the first to realize how our town is run, and he is the Shepard who will lead the flock out from the ashes of delusion.  I only hope to help him as much as I can, and write his story then adding it to the pages of history. 

“Of course I am with you brother, Always.”  I say offering him my hand in trust.

He reaches out and grips my hand tight, knowing I am here for him.

“So now we know the mayor is in on it too, we just have to tail him and see if we can get any further truth out of him.”

“We should probably wait till tomorrow; we still have sometime before we graduate,”

“Your right, I just wanted to show you what I found out.  Let’s get out of here.”

We climb down the tree and begin to walk back to our homes.  He places the binocular into his backpack as we travel through the tall lengths of grass on the outskirts of town.  As we reach the highway we see a car a few feet north with armed men patrolling the area.  The only way to our houses is through this highway, we could continue a bit more south out of view from them but even before I can offer that advice Ein rushes out of the grass towards the other end.  I end up falling a foot or so behind him, scurrying as fast as I can so as to not be seen; yet a night like this would not be complete without a nice chase.  Just as I reach the blades across the highway I hear, “Hey!” accompanied by the sound of bullets barreling through the thick grass.  Ein and I just rush through, I look back for a second and see lights pull up at the point of our entrance, yet see no coming soldiers.  After a mile or so we are out and in my backyard. 

“That was fun huh?”  He says smiling as he breathes heavily.

“I would not use the word “Fun,” rather insane.”

“Either way we are safe, so I will see you tomorrow morning in school.”

“Sounds good buddy.”


He says as he gestures his arm in the symbol and jogs to his house.  I climb up into my window, remove my sweater, jeans and shirt and take a look at the clock.  It laughs back at me 4:30, I plummet into my bed and recover as much sleep as I can before school


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