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To The Children part 3  by Pater
Thus it came to pass that the parrot had free access to Atom Elall the rest of his life after the ascension of the first man into the heavens of the real world, that for the remaining 663 years of the parrots life he remembered what the first man had told him on the last minutes of their time together.He hath said : I tell you the truth, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven, for the earth is the real word made true by the cherubiums that guards it with their swords, but the heavens are atom el for it was made true by the words of the first man.Thus the importance is not what will happen with the real world all humans live in, but what will happen with Atom El. For it is now in the last year of the parrot, in the hands of the man born of Sion. Therefore like the first man as well as the parrot, all humans need not to die, but to ascend in to the Atom El. For it is a passage not only free, as it was one time only for the parrot, but now when the end of the parrots life arrives, the man whom had received all authority, had with the coming end of the parrots life realized the puporse of Atom El. And the reason why the parrot never had told him that there were other humans, that he could not see them for they were kept on safe range by the cherubiums. So because of the humans unfinished evolution, until a time when they would reach to a maturity in spirit and mind. So that they could receive the holiest of holy at the appropriate time, when eventually the parrot would reach the end of his life. Then the man of zion would release his words and swords upon all humans, that they may choose it and be welcomed in to his holy Atom El, or be kept separated forever by swords of everlasting absence of any animals in the real world.Thus the first man told the parrot his first words as the man numbered all the days of the parrots, first the three years, then carried with himself unto heaven for the rest of the 666 years he had know the parrot. Even so the parrot numbered the days of the child, and it gave life to the child, as well as parents do in the real world with their children. Yet in the real world the parents do not know the fullness of their actions for the small children's they have been given life to, only three know the numbered years of all things living in the present past or future. And these three are the parrot, the child of Zion and first man, whom is within all these three as the life that is given to all mankind and all creatures.Therefore the parents of the real world, need to understand the numbering of our days, and there came about in the end of the 18 year that the humans were given the announcement unto the knowledge and wisdom of the parrot, child and man. And the humans understood that the safekeeping of the words of these three, means the life of all things and the creation of the Law that governs all things. There will hereunto be no longer humanly created laws that will govern the life's of men ,women or chidren. For the new law are the words of the numbers of days of the child and parrot in the First Holy Man.Therefore the languages of all men and animals is the visions that the chldrens of this real world will all enherith by the birth of their lifes, which came unto the parents from the life of the parrot. While he as the first to pass the cherubiums, teached the child of Zion how he himself woul be anle to pass and bring with him all humans into Atom El. So will the children alive in the present and beyond the 18th year of the man from Zion. They will be able to number their days, like their parents before them have not, therefore there will cease that which men of the real world do as evil. And it will be the children whom will bring peace and justice upon the lives of all past and living, for they will sing the song of the parrot. For he the parrot will be in the children of the real world, as the parrot was with the first man unto heaven , and as the child and parrot were in atom el, as they were alive in the first man, which art in heaven, as he was and is upon the earth.So the children are those whom already now can go into Atom El, for they know early what day and number it is that they should count, and play with the numbers that come back every day as they remember that the parrot hath spoken to all children.For he said to the man to write unto the children in the world, that he the parrot like the man did also number every Sunday as one and every day in between Sundays as one. The children of the world will know how to count unto 49. For the parrot did so count his years, by living longer through counting every day from one Sunday to another Sunday. Each day he said the number that was after the first Sunday, he did so count to 49 many, many times. Yet the children will know that even to count only once in your life, for example next year in the spring when the winter is gone even one time is enough. When every chid will read of Atom El, and all the parrots of the world will begin to talk to us all. So no more will parents fight or argue, children all over the world will talk with all birds and animals. So will all feel peace and joy together with all the children that will know that the world has changed, because they all counted like the parrot hath said in a message to them. So just like the parrot who found the child, all children will go into Atom El and play with Lions and scarry creatures, that suddenly will be nice and kind to all children, and they will all eat fruits in Atom El together with the children and all other playing animals.The parrot will always tell this story to all other children, so there are many animals in the world who will help the parrot to tell this story, so that all children and parents can see and be in Atom El. So every family will love each other forever.
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