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Harvest 2: Bringing In The Sheaves  by OriginalSim
 Jimmy Dennison was pissed as he headed from the kitchen, down the hall, to the bathroom.

“Maybel! Dammit, girl where are you?”

His breakfast was late. Again. That cousin of his was probably staring at herself in the mirror. He yelled louder, in his most threatening tone, “Girl, you better answer and right quick!”

He paused, listening. Maybel couldn't yell real well. Most of the time it came out as sort of a warbling. He stood still, listening. The front door opened, making its screech-owl sound as the front screen door banged shut. Maybel slammed the door and warbled a hello.

Jimmy and Maybel had been living in the same house for nearly 10 years now. Ever since her parents were killed in a pickup rollover. Maybel was with them, riding in the back. She was thrown face first into a tree. Slashed her face all up and managed to break her jaw in 3 places. Lost a lot of her tongue, too. Hadn't been able to talk right since. She once was beautiful. Her body still was. But the facial cuts hadn't healed well.

“Maybel? Where is my breakfast? Do I need to slap your **** to get you movin?”

Maybel struck a praying mantis-like pose and panted like a dog, nodding her head. She snorted, tossing her knotted, tangled black hair and laughed. She headed into the kitchen.

“You dipshit,” Jimmy said through his nearly toothless smile. He followed her into the kitchen.

“I got to drive over to Ben Richardson's place to get some wood he's gonna give us.”


“Yeah, sorta. I gave him a coon dog pup to replace that one that run away from him, or whatever, so he's gonna give us a pickup load. We'll need it soon enough.”

Maybel got sullen. Ben Richardson had been sweet on her before the accident. Afterwards, he tried to help her learn how to talk and, when she got well enough, would come over and go on walks with her to build up her strength. But he never could look her in the eyes again. Acted like a good friend, when what she wanted was a lover. They finally drifted apart about five years ago, after she tried to get him in bed.

She made some toast and coffee and heated up the grits. Fried a few strips of bacon and poured out the orange juice. They ate in silence. When they were on their second cup of java, Jimmy cleared his throat.

“Uh, Maybel. You know – next week, it'll be 10 years.”

Maybel tried not to let on that it still stung. She raised her eyebrows slightly and nodded.

“Well.. uh. I thought maybe we could do something... maybe a wreath where the wreck was.”

This was a difficult thing for Jimmy. He loved his Aunt and Uncle. But on top of them both being killed, their graves had been robbed, as well. No one knew where the bodies were. So, it was pointless to go to the cemetery. He figured this was the next best thing.

“Dat wuh be good,” Maybel stammered. She smiled at Jimmy, tears forming, “Dank yoo.”

He got up and gave her a hug and a kiss on the forehead.

“I'll be back real soon.”


As he headed out to Ben's, Jimmy lit up a cigarette. Life sure sucked these days. No money to do anything fun with – and barely enough to scratch out a minimal existence for himself and Maybel. He wanted to be grateful to Ben for the swap, but had been hoping for a little cash. Coon dog's worth more than a pickup load of wood – especially when more than a third of it would be fast burning pine.

He pulled into Ben's drive. Sampson barked a greeting to him as he jumped out of the cab. It wouldn't be long before Sampson took over and barked at him as an interloper, rather than a former owner.

Ben came out of the house looking like he hadn't slept all night. He might have even been a bit drunk.

“Hey, there! You look like hell!”

Normally Ben would have had some jovial comment. Now, he stopped short, angry.

“No ****, Sherlock. I got a call last evening from Marylou's folks. She's done turned up missing. First my damn dog and now my girlfriend. I just don't know what the hell to think!”

Jimmy's cigarette fell to the ground unnoticed.

“Damn. Anything I can do to help?”

“No, I don't reckon so. But thanks. Now let's get you loaded up.”


Maybel waited until Jimmy drove off. She ran out to the barn at the back of the property. She needed to make sure they were both still there. She couldn't imagine life without them. The barn was more like a pile of ancient wood than a barn. Huge at one time, it was both nestled in and now part of, a grove of trees; It was snugly hidden. No one came here but her. She gently moved what was left of the door aside and went into the gloom. After her eyes adjusted, she went over to the old beaten armchair next to the ratty, decrepit couch. She flopped down and sent plumes of dust into the gloom.

“Hi Ma. Hi Pa. I got some fwiends fuh you, buh I could nah bwing them yet. I got you a gurl like me and a nice coon dog. I bwing them later, ok?”
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Date created: July 22, 2008
Date published: July 22, 2008
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